HyVibe Harp Guitar

Come to the Harp Guitar Gathering in Milford, CT at the end of the October and hear the world’s first HyVibe-equipped harp guitars! We’re talking Timberlines, with HyVibe’s support and custom installation done by Chuck Thompson and Jack Jenkins (shown is a T30, ready to go).  If you’re not familiar with the incredible new technology, […]

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The Cohn Connection: Inside Chicago’s Best-Kept Secret

COMING SOON! My new responsive blog switchover is not quite yet ready; this will look even better on all your devices shortly! PS: Comments are down, but will back up in the new format. – G Those who follow my Facebook feed will have seen a single image from this story – an adventure that […]

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Some Truths About Lyres

A new fully-illustrated 21-page PDF article written for both laypeople and scholars: Click here to open!

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Instagram #Harpguitars

Greetings, harp guitar fans! While I continue to work behind the scenes to roll out a brand new “responsive” blog section of Harpguitars.net, I added another offshoot of that on Instagram. Basically, it was an attempt to find a way to address the several hundred images in my files that would otherwise never see the […]

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A Miner Family History

Dear Friends, I’d like to alert those of you who frequent my blog to an extremely personal project that I recently finished (both visual and musical). I’m sharing it with any and all friends and fans who might find themselves curious, interested, or perhaps even moved. The introduction at this semi-private link will explain all: […]

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The Harp Guitars of Mario Maccaferri

Greetings, harp guitar fans! I recently removed most everything I have on Maccaferri from the web site in order to collate and expand it all into a single 100-page PDF book. It’s free for viewing or download to all Harpguitars.net members. (Please email me for current password). Click on the book cover for a full […]

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Exciting news! For those of you who prefer your music digital but high quality and straight from the artists, I finally got my Bandcamp page up and running. All my own stuff, plus all my HGM label compilation albums on which I appear. Even the out-of-print and pricey “Water is Wide” Stephen Bennett tribute album. […]

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James Kline: In a Parallel Reality

No, I’m not saying my arch-guitarist friend’s gone off his rocker…I’m talking about his new book! It’s a delightful small full-color hardback that features photos of the forest wood carvings he shares on Facebook. He’s collected the best in-situ photographs for us and sent a few copies to the States for his U.S. friends. Click […]

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AMIS Virtual Conference June 4-6, 2021 Open to All!

Greetings, all. Long time readers of this blog are familiar with my reports when I attend the annual conferences of AMIS (the American Musical Instrument Society), which are all archived here. Well, now’s your chance to join in via Zoom! For the first time ever, the entire event will be virtual and open to the […]

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The Renewed Guitar

The Renewed Guitar is the title of a stunning new coffee table book coming soon to guitar fanatics everywhere! I haven’t seen any galleys, but can attest that it will be a top notch production, with something for everyone – chock full of rare images of 6-string guitars (and, yes, harp guitars) from all periods. […]

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