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Except where noted, the following photos (which all feature Maccaferri harp guitars) are all of the renowned Mario Maccaferri.  These images are from either author Michael Wright or from The Story of Selmer Maccaferri Guitars by Francois Charle. Thanks to Mr. Charle and Mr. Wright for their gracious permission to allow me to include them here.  Note: Full size images can all be viewed on the Members Only Maccaferri Harp Guitar article.  See also Maccaferri Harp Guitars (Members Only section of the site) and Mario Maccaferri, Concert Harp Guitarist.

1926 catalog circa 1926-1930 (Maccaferri with unknown guitarist) 1929 From 1929 Columbia Recordings catalog
circa 1926-1930 Julian Bream with 1920s Maccaferri harp guitar in 1947 circa 1926-1930 Federico Galimberti (known to have used a dual-arm Mozzani harp guitar) with a Maccaferri Type 1, from a record catalog
1932 1934 dedication, photo might be earlier circa 1934

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