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I need your information, photos and Knutsen news!

Please send correspondence and submissions to:
Gregg Miner
Knutsenologist in Residence
PO Box 573155
Tarzana, CA 91357


Images of instruments may be sent as 300 dpi jpegs, TIFF or Photoshop files - emailed or sent through the mail on floppy, ZIP, or CD, or as print. If all you have is the only Polaroid in existence of a rare instrument, mail it and I will return it.
    If you send in a picture, I will do my best to post it. Depending on image quality and rarity, I will include it as a thumbnail, gallery representative or featured page. Please include at least one good straight-on (the instrument face as perpendicular to the camera as possible) full body shot.
    At a minimum, every new instrument will be included in a permanent inventory listing (credit or anonymity given as preferred).

    Information requested with images (at senders discretion):

  • Label information (if a new style, photo if possible)

  • Scale length (nut to bridge)

  • Woods used, if positively identified: top, back & sides, neck, fingerboard, bridge, headstock veneer, other.

  • Binding, trim: top, back &/or sides, fingerboard, soundhole, headstocks, other.

  • Stringing: bass, neck, treble.

  • Frets straight or slanted, inlaid?

  • Neck joint

  • Non-original components, if known

  • How long have you owned it (if selling, had in stock)

  • Where/from whom was it obtained

  • Any unusual features

  • Credit information (owner and/or photo; if not your own, image source; or anonymity requested)

Want to know value or sell?

Please visit my commercial site for examples of Knutsen sales and Consignment Terms. 

I also pay cash!

    Thanks!! Gregg Miner



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