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In the year 2000, a new site called harpguitars.com appeared on the web, the brainchild of Don Adams, a web designer and harp guitar aficionado. Including the first-ever public forum for harp guitar players and collectors, it featured a potpourri of harp guitar topics, and was imagined as the future central web location for everything related to the harp guitar. Unfortunately, after just two years, Don had to abandon the project, and it went offline by 2003.
It was Don who helped plant the seed to create my own Knutsen study site in 2002. With that site outgrowing my wildest expectations, along with the huge amount of other unpublished harp guitar material scattered about, plus an ever-burgeoning harp guitar community, I made a decision in April, 2004: to re-create and further expand Don's original concept into a new, permanent home for all things harp guitar! 
The new site name was chosen after polling the community, as the hoped-for ".com" name had been gobbled up by Internet pirates. 

The Manifesto is simple, and all inclusive:

  • Serve the world's harp guitar community - players, fans, researchers, collectors, restorers and builders.
  • Preserve the history - well over two centuries worth, and much still undocumented.
  • Take the instrument into the future - via new players, new music, new instruments and new fans!

The size and scope of these goals necessitates two things: Subscriptions (see below) and Contributions. Everyone is welcome and encouraged to submit articles, material, images, ideas, and especially ongoing maintenance of current links and incorporating new information.
I'll do the lion's share - but this site will best succeed with contributions from everyone.

Gregg Miner


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Gregg Miner has been fascinated by harp guitars since the early 1970s. He purchased his first instrument (the 1916 red sunburst Gibson) from R.C. Snoddy of Costa Mesa in 1983 for $1500, which took him several years to pay back on his VISA loan. He fell in love with the harp guitars of Chris Knutsen when he found his first one in 1988.
Miner’s other musical hobbies include an entire museum of plucked stringed instruments and recordings made with a hundred of the instruments, which can be seen on his personal web site, www.minermusic.com.
His many non-musical interests, you just wouldn't believe.
He spends his days incognito as a Northrop Grumman manufacturing engineer.



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