Blast from the Past

Hey – just in time for the 15th Anniversary of “A Christmas Collection”!  A new co-worker (at Northrop Grumman aerospace, my day gig) digging through a predecessor’s files recently found the this incriminating newsletter.  It contains an interview that someone at the company (then Litton) did for the monthly newsletter about my debut CD release, the now infamous Christmas double-CD extravaganza.  I’m not sure how they heard of it or decided to do it – they rarely ran such personal pieces, and I’ve always made it a point not to mix day job with creative interests (2 different sides of the brain, soul, etc.).

Nevertheless, one of my friends tipped them off, and I got stuck doing it.  I must have agreed on the condition that they promoted it or something, which would explain the tackily worded ending, presenting me as some loser who’s stuck with all these CDs to get rid of (which, by the way, I still am).

Still, it was quite a nostalgic read for me, as this was (for those who don’t know) the instigation of my current musical path.  It tells (pretty well, I must say) the story of that first season, which turned a classic “closet musician” into a Miner celebrity for a couple months (sorry for obvious pun).  Seriously, this one Miner success (dang, there I go again!) begat the unplanned, unpredicted, and unimaginable path that would lead to “harp guitar pope-dom.”  The radio play and interviews mentioned were the lucky break, and a story I should share (next month).

Please enjoy my eccentricities (if you can), and of course have your little laugh over my 1995 promo shot – the classic “cross between Yanni and Weird Al Yankovic” that I still insist is going to make a comeback.

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