Vardon, Perry & Wilber Revisited

I just picked up this previously unknown sheet music title with an insert photo of our blog heroes, Vardon and Perry (with occasional, random Wilbers).  See “Wilber” Wanted from 9/26/10 to catch up with the latest on the boys.

This piece is dated 1907, but that must refer to the original copyright date of the song, rather than the printing date, as the V, P & W act probably didn’t begin until several years later.  What I wanted to see (not obvious in the eBay photo) was the faces.

Vardon (top) and Perry (middle) are just as we know them from several images now.  Wilber is the interesting one, as he is actually a fictional character.  Indeed, the musician appearing in this photo appears to be a different person from the Knutsen-playing gent in the Irving Berlin sheet music, so perhaps they grabbed whomever happened to be around during their various photo sessions.

I hope that this is not the last we see of the mysterious Wilbers…

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