11:59 and Blog’s Well

Wow, I almost didn’t make today’s deadline!

No time – right after work I had to head down to Blvd Music to deliver CDs and a loaner National Guitar to Stephen Bennett for his gig there.  We then met Frank D. for dinner down the street.

SB got in OK after his “snow day” – says he left CT at 4:30 this morning and it was 8 degrees.  Arrived at LAX to a Santa Ana winds and a heat wave of about 80.

He was exhausted but played the usual great show.
That’s his new Kathy Wingert harp guitar (Wingert HG #6)

Kathy made it (from NAMM) with daughter Jimmi in tow.

And still he hung out afterwards to continue playing requests for fans.
Store owner Gary Mandell is at left

Tomorrow morning we head to NAMM bright and early.  See you after…

  1. Bernie N. Says:

    Those Santa Anna winds are blowing a change into NAMM show; seems like you HG promoters are capitalizing on Holloway’s coming-out to give people an education on this venerable instrument. I think it’s great!
    Is this another peak in the Golden Age of luthiery?!

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