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I typed in “harp guitar” at CD Baby the other day and realized that I (and my volunteers) have been a bit delinquent in keeping the original Music page up to date on the site.

So I got it just about caught up, and then went back to see what all came up on CD Baby.  Quite a few new things, actually – some older, some brand new.  Some appear to feature all harp guitar, while others may include a track or two, with HG use somewhat of an unknown.

I can’t keep up all with the players or semi-players and the recordings that appear – so that’s where you come in.   In theory, all of these should be added to our Music resource page for posterity, but I usually like to know what’s what on in the recording (for instance, there are a few cases where harp guitars are used, but no subs are played…true).  Some of these folks also might belong on the Players page, hard to say.

So I’d appreciate it if those interested in checking any of these recordings or musicians out would let me know (privately, if possible) what’s going on HG-wise.  If you think you’ve spotted something new, please check the HG.net Music page first to make sure it’s not already there.  Hey, thanks!

Meanwhile, these may not be new to all of you, but they were to me:

An older release by one John McHugh:
“Songs In The Key of Wood, containing the track Aria for the harp guitar”
Not sure what that double-neck is on the cover…

A new one, “Blues For Skip” by Joesf Glaude.
Yes, that’s how his name is spelled.  He plays a Morgan harp guitar, a small family business that apparently disappeared.  There’s a really odd Morgan HG on eBay at the moment…
Not sure how much HG is on this one…

Someone I’ve never heard of – Jonathan Ebanks – apparently with a CD of solos on a vintage Dyer Style 7…
“Tales of The G-string” (which could read several ways…)

Ah, the infamous Killick (once known as Eric Hinds)…
The CD is titled “bull****” (another title I won’t comment on)
This is his solo album on Fred Carlson’s “Big Red” – and I dare anyone to call it “derivative”…

James Schaller is a therapist who uses spoken words with a musical backdrop.
His instrument is a new arch-guitar made by Alan Perlman.

Looks like the ever-manic Eric Loy is back again with a new one called “Trajectories.”
His HG, the only one made (long ago) by Mark Kaiser, is pretty cool.

And I see that Stephanie Jackson’s new CD, “Coming Home” is already out…
She was supposed to send me a review copy (I carry her last CD, “Hymns”).
It’s on its way, with 6 HG tunes, she tells me…

What to do with the new CDs that aren’t CDs?!  By that I mean the increasing Download-only albums.  Man, I still miss LPs!  Are you telling me I now have to do without any packaging?  I’m getting too old.

At least they apparently still have to provide a fake album cover.

Here’s one from Germany, I think – Antonio Koudele.
Not sure what he’s playing – those look like Waverly tuners on the subs.
Saw it on Amazon and iTunes…

And of course, there’s Dan LaVoie’s recent EP.
I had fun teasing him about his prolific recording schedule at HGG8 (he’s a good sport)…

As I said, it’s becoming harder and harder to keep up with all the new players – especially when so many keep quiet about it.  There’s a growing list of “Newbies” at the end of the “Conventional” section of the Contemporary Players section as well.

If you find yourself on it, why not drop me and email and tell me what you’re doing?

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