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I completely forgot to mention this.  A couple weeks ago, Brad Hoyt alerted me to the fact that Echoes ran a whole “Harp Guitar Odyssey” hour on January 11.  I think that was the first such event.  Nice that John Dilberto played selections from all sorts of different CDs.  Though the listeners are often voting, I still can’t quite figure out John’s taste.  Though he seems to gravitate to “New Age” (or maybe the voters are), he also plays all sorts of things like jazz and acoustic fingerstyle guitar, inviting on players like Muriel Anderson and Stephen Bennett.  Clearly he has very open ears.  Ironically, I specifically tailored Harp Guitar Dreams to hit what I thought was an obvious “sweet spot,” but he hardly played it!

So it was nice to see a Harp Guitar Music CD – Carter Lancaster’s Case Closed – in the Top 25 for both December and January!  Muriel & John Doan’s duo CD Harp Guitars Under the Stars – which seems tailor-made for Echoes as well – also made the list in January.

Now let’s see if we can continue to “make a difference.”  Each month, check if any harp guitar CDs were played, and – assuming it’s something you like – vote for them .

Congratulations, harp guitarists!

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