New Guitar Exhibit at the Met

Namely: Guitar Heroes: Legendary Craftsman from Italy to New York.

I was supposed to have shipped them a couple things like the Gazzo and standing harp mando, but that apparently fell through.  It would have been nice for an excuse to go to the premiere.  I know my friend Jonathan Kellerman (and wife Faye) went, as they are generous donors to the museum and exhibit, and so did Michael Wright (Vintage Guitar Mag contributor, book author).

Michael took a full series of photos which you can see here.  Looks like an amazing display of fantastic ancient, vintage and modern instruments!  HGs are represented by the museum’s Mozzani (one of the ex-Chinery instruments) and a Guadagnini.

I see that the museum has created a wonderful web section on the exhibit as well, with fantastic new photos of many of the instruments.  There’s even an iPhone app!

  1. John Says:

    My wife and I attended the premier (with way-cool reception in the Met’s glass domed Egyptian exhibit room). It’s a stunningly wonderful exhibit. I plan on returning to see it in the light of day.

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