Musica Viva

Musica Viva is a rather ambitious web site, and hard to describe.  It’s run by an old email pal, Frank Nordberg in Norway.  Among many other projects offered through the site, Frank collects and scans rare historical musical instrument catalogs.  He expertly formats these on CD, offering them through his eBay store.  I’m not sure I’m completely caught up – he is usually kind enough to point me to all with harp guitar entries.  I obtained the entire batch in/as of 2008, organized the harp guitar material and have just now finally added those to the Makers Encyclopedia and various Galleries (wow, I am behind!).

Mostly typical instruments from the seemingly inexhaustible Markneukirchen companies, there are also a couple of nice finds from Paris.  In total, these add new specimen illustrations to existing entries:

  • Kruse
  • Windisch (Otwin)

And brand new Encyclopedia entries for:

  • Beuscher
  • Brückner
  • Neuner & Hornsteiner
  • Schlägel
  • Schuster, H. Moritz
  • Stark
  • Thibouville-Lamy
  • Voight

This by no means brings the Encyclopedia remotely up to date.  For instance, I’ve had pics of other Voight instruments for awhile now (from Ben, etc) – but had no listing (and still need to find and add them).  Lots of folders (including the daunting “Ebay Schrammels”) to get through yet!

When I’m caught up, I’ll ask for any missing entries (please don’t bombard me yet – I’ve dozens to go!).

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