Have You Heard of the Liuto Forte?

Me neither…not until this week, when head honcho André Burguete sent me a link to their site (in 4 languages no less).

Pretty interesting!  First off, you gotta love the home page photos – it’s like Glee, with lutes!

Seriously though, this team’s goal seems to be no less than the “re-invention” of the historical lute, by modifying and updating the construction logistics, making them both more versatile and more musical than standard historical reproductions.  At least, that’s what I took away from my quick, but concentrated look through the site (don’t quote me – check it out for yourself).  I have no idea how they are perceived in the Lute or Early Music worlds, but it doesn’t seem much different than the huge number of modern guitar builders who continually work to update and “improve” the steel-string or classical guitar (some with great success).  It definitely reminds me of our own harp guitar community, with the growing amount of luthiers updating the historical paradigms.  And yes, they offer all forms of liuto forte, including many with floating bass strings.

If I was a classical guitar or lute player, I would certainly want to check these out.  Heck, I still might!

  1. Brad Hoyt Says:

    An archlute specifically designed to be played with nails – Sounds like a tempting addition to me.

  2. Jim Worland Says:

    Lutes are very difficult to build and difficult to play. I’m glad to see someone doing some innovative work on the lute. Eventually I hope to build more lutes but will move them towards a more modern direction.

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