Third Coulter’s a Charm

Unknown except to a John, Kerry and myself until just recently – see my previous blog – Coulter harp guitars are suddenly coming out of the woodwork!

In a staggering coincidence, the day the eBay auction ended on Coulter #2, Coulter #3 was listed.  (perhaps not so much a coincidence, but that the present owner happened to note the other, and figured the timing was right…)

This one is again fairly identical to the first two – which seems rather unusual for the eccentric Portland custom-maker.  It has (had) 6 subs, which long ago decided to go AWOL from the top, like those of #2.

Sadly, it seems to have suffered from even worse conditions – like being stored for decades in a basement.   A flooded basement.  At any rate, I know “green” would not be considered “original.”

OK, I should be more respectful, so this thing gets some decent bids, which it seems to be doing already.  (though I wouldn’t wish this on my worst harp guitar enemy)  I’ve enhanced the photos a bit below.

(BTW, I don’t include links to eBay, as they will be gone in a couple months)

The other sold with 2 bids (which was still 2 more than was perhaps warranted).

Sorry again…OK, all disparagement aside, these are interesting, super-rare, historical instruments – and I hope one (or even both!) can be resurrected and shared with us one day.

Good luck!

And more news on Coulter!

  1. nate Says:

    Would you believe that this one is located in my zip code! I would visit but it would break my heart to see her in that condition.

  2. Benoit Says:

    Go there with a can of gasoline and a zippo and give this baby the Viking funeral she deserve… Put an end to her misery please!

  3. Darrell Says:

    Ooh. I like ’em funky, but that is just… funk.

  4. John Riley Says:

    Hi Gregg – I am the new owner of Coulter #2 (still the only known 12-string version) and am now in the process of restoring it. Anyone interested in a blow-by-blow chronicling can find me on Facebook, where I am posting pictures. When I’m done I will post a full report on I’m hoping for a playable result!

  5. Gregg Says:

    Good luck, John!

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