Seeing is Believing

You’ve now heard four recordings of Taraffo transcriptions by the amazing Christian Saggese, as presented on my blogs of Sept 25 and Nov 15, and now archived on the site.

It’s quite another to see it in performance.  From private footage and audio supplied by Franco, I have finished editing and posting the Cavalleria Rusticana selection from Christian’s debut harp guitar concert this last June.

Note how he keeps the continuous 3-finger tremolo going on the highest strings even as the thumb descends to the lowest sub-bass – a 14-string stretch (my hand hurts just watching it)!  Not only that, but he dutifully mutes every single open bass just before playing the next note.  Even in a descending pattern where a rest stroke could theoretically stop the previous string, he sticks to this uniform technique.

Mind you, this display was after first performing one of the virtuoso Concertos for Guitar and Orchestra by Giuliani (for which Christian played the same antique harp guitar but without using the sub-basses).

The footage was of average quality (as was the audio, which I sweetened), so you’ll want to play at the highest resolution.

Enjoy, and spread the word.

  1. Benoit Says:

    He is scary good…

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