Medley, with Shinness, Live Tonight

My guess is that most of you will see this too late.  I’ll come straight home from work and see if I can catch some of it, myself.

Tom Shinness (on the new Christmas Present CD) just told me this morning that he’ll be playing cello with Keith Medley today at 6 pm Nashville time.

This will be presented live on Upstream at this link 4 hours from now as I post this (on my lunch hour).

Should be interesting….

  1. Eric Says:

    Boy was I disappointed ! I went to the site and it crashed each time I tried to load -on different computers even.
    Is a video of this going to be on the web after the fact ?

  2. Gregg Says:

    Yeah, I’m not having any luck either…it says “Channel is Offline” (I assume the fellow putting on the show), and I don’t know if I could get on anyway since I’m not getting the UStream verification email back to confirm my sign up…
    My guess/hope is that the same cameras shooting for live stream are also taping for later. Tom said he’s just playing on 2 songs, but I’m interested in seeing what Keith does for this “Holiday” show.

  3. Gregg Says:

    Hey – just started! @ 4:23 my time

  4. Gregg Says:

    It’s on and off-line, so not working for me…the huge time lag between video and audio isn’t helping either….
    Too bad – I saw (and separately heard) a lovely 30 seconds of Away in the Manger with Tom…and pretty cool that one of our harp guitar “old guard” (Tom) is joining one of the newest HG players.

  5. Eric Says:

    Yeah bummer- I’d very much like to see video later if it becomes available.
    I definitely think Keith is one to watch. I really identify with his music, and his instrument is truly beautiful. I am also very jealous of someone who has built their own instruments.

  6. Keith Medley Says:

    Hey Gregg, Thank you so much for the giving your readers the heads up about our event last night but also want to send my apologies to you and your readers for the Ustream link. Jon Grimson worked without stopping trying to get the site to cooperate but it never would clear up totally. Not sure we salvaged to much to repost; will check with Jon later this week and see. But, please extend my apologies to those who tried to tune in. I wish you the best Christmas and a great new year to come. I meant to mention your site but got caught up in the hassles and got distracted….I’ll make it up to you though 🙂 k

  7. Keith Medley Says:

    By the way Tom Shinness was SUPURB. It was a pleasure to fnally get to play with someone and none better than Tom. He made the evening very special.

  8. Gregg Miner Says:

    Thanks for writing, Keith. Yeah, well the technology is still young…
    Yes, Tom is one of the most gifted and musical persons I’ve ever met. I hope he gave you a copy of Christmas Present where I got to duet with him (from afar) myself!

  9. Keith Medley Says:

    Yes indeed; he gave me a copy last night. Me and the wife plan on getting our hot tea and sitting in front of the our Christmas tree to enjoy the CD this evening! Great CD cover by the way!!!

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