Harp Guitar: What’s in a Name

At last year’s Harp Guitar Gathering, I did a run-through (a bit wild and woolly) of the paper I subsequently presented (slightly more coherently) at the AMIS meeting this last May, entitled “Harp Guitar”: What’s in a Name?

I have finally finished editing it into a manageable fully-illustrated article of 4000 words in PDF format.  (as opposed to the 11,000+ word article “What is a Harp Guitar?” which is undergoing some updating).

As all my readers know, the topic is extremely complex (just the semantics alone), but response has been very positive.  The chapters fully explore terminology, definitions, provenance and justification, but, while intended for the serious musical instrument scholar, are presented in layperson’s terms.

It is currently accessible only from the Harpguitars.net Members Section.   Please email me for the new 2012/2013 password.  Membership is automatically granted to all donors to the non-profit Harp Guitar Foundation (annually for entry level Supporting donations).

  1. Gregg Miner Says:

    As promised, I updated the now 12,000 word original “What is a Harp Guitar?” article to include recent thoughts and finds.

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