Encyclopedia Expansion

In prepping the last blog on Grauso, I decided I had better add him to the Maker Encyclopedia while I was thinking of it.

That reminded me of another, and another…and well, I decided to try to catch up a bit before things got any more out of hand.  So I updated with all the new discoveries I’ve already shared on the blog, plus a few other recent discoveries.  This took a an hour or so a night, in between other projects and errands, musical or otherwise.

I still have several dozen to go from the growing file folders, but this little exercise netted over 50 updates: 32 new entries (makers) and 20 others with new specimens or info added.  I’ve highlighted all new additions in yellow.   Anyone who can help with additional information and dates on these or any other entries is always encouraged to do so (via email, please), as I haven’t been able to keep up with it!

A maker a day keeps the doctor away…?

In addition to that, I managed to start the Blog index for Historical topics, which can be accessed from the main History page.  I’ll finish formatting this shortly.

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