McCollum & Michael

At long last, I have the final image to make my tale of the Michael Hedges /Lance McCollum harp guitar legend complete.

(Complete, other than the few small nagging details, of course.)

Here it is:

This is Michael with the very first harp guitar Lance McCollum built, taken at the Healdsburg Guitar Festival in August, 1997 (Micheal died just 3-1/2 months later on December 2nd).

The photo was an impromptu shot by Steve Jost (thanks for sharing!), who would go on to order McCollum HG #2.

While this instrument wasn’t built for Michael, it certainly would have suited him well.  Would he have ever ordered one?  Would he even have continued with the harp guitar, or would he have simply stuck to the 6-string (his “bread and butter,” as he once told harp guitarist John Doan)?

Unanswerable questions that continue to gnaw at those of us in the harp guitar community.

For those just joining us, here’s the whole story on Lance McCollum’s harp guitars, complete with a smattering of fascinating Hedges lore.

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