Harp Guitar Gathering 13: Sunday Workshops, Recital, Party!


After another late night at the hotel after our Saturday evening concert wound down, it was up bright and early for our biggest series of workshops ever.  Notice I said “up,” not “awake.”

At 9am we had 3 concurrent workshops…

Stephen Bennett managed to teach a group his entire arrangement of Satie’s “Gymnopedie #1”

While next door Andy Wahlberg taught a different bunch his brand new arrangement of “Game of Thrones”

Meanwhile, I tackled Beginning Harp Guitar, and as you can see, it was largely conceptual (for a reason…I’ll finish this class someday!)

At 10, we filled the same 3 rooms with:

Drew Baldwin, giving his first class to highlight his own approach to the instrument

And Muriel Anderson, for yet another approach

Meanwhile, an hour of intimate Open Mic began:

Kip Martin unveiled his brand new electric harp guitar just delivered by builder Chuck Thompson (our CHGP, who took all these photos)

Derek Gooderman played his unique custom blue-stained 12-strings-on-the-neck (in high Nashville tuning!) Tonedevil

Next, Craig Keever was happy to play his own standard Tonedevil

Those three “jazz guys” improvise a new act (and would find themselves an immediate booking!)

John Riley with his vintage Dyer and sonorous voice

I later heard about this (and heard it) – HGG regular Steve Farmer had written an original ballad based on the true, fateful story of how Stephen and Nancy reconnected…

…as you can see, it was a success.

Time for another full year of harp guitar news and discoveries before breaking for lunch

Mid-afternoon, and time for another epic Harp Guitar Gathering Recital!  Host Randall Sprinkle again turning the mic over to SB for the introductions.  To wit:

Hey!  That’s my own brother Mark and his wife Barb opening the show.

Frank Doucette

Me, myself and I

Bad Drew Baldwin, again with something completely inappropriate for Church

Dan Schwartz making his first (and not last) HGG concert appearance

John Riley.  It’s nice to share with the public new performers who we ourselves have sometimes only just discovered.

Pete Bradshaw, who we’ve frequently featured

Remember in the previous post how Ed Dowling finally came out of his shell?  He looks almost as surprised as we are!

Andy Wahlberg

Muriel Anderson, closing out the first set (I told you these shows were epic!)

The Bennetts asked Steve to reprise his song for the audience.  Yeah, I cried as well.  He’s quite the songcrafter.

Here’s something you rarely see in public – Musically Yours not in formal wear!

For the second number, Jayne brought out her accordion – it was a hit!

Kip Martin

Mike Doolin, Paul Price and our Newbie, Tony Barnard
I don’t know why the jazz guys even work this stuff up – they’re only gonna improvise anyway…

In another one of those emotional it-could-only-happen-at-the-Gathering moments, Drew’s old partner Juke Joint Johnny drove up and surprised his friend at intermission.  A super-popular feature we booked for HGG7, we had to put these guys on!

Another impromptu moment – SB joins Phil deGruy for a virtuoso improvised take on Coltrane’s “Naima”

Phil blowing our minds again

Don Alder

Harp guitar with fiddle tunes: Dan and Bets (with “Fidzilla”)

Just as last year’s HGG hosts the Powell brothers opened last night’s show, they closed today’s show – then led us into another rousing finale!

Randall booked us a nice wine bar with catering brought in for a fantastic closing night party (remaining photos by Dan Pease and Linda Morgan):

A toast to the host and hostess with the most and mostess

Professional entertainment, even!

Two Larson-lovers lay it on a bit thick (their historical hero Bob Hartman)

A final farewell breakfast the next morning, and those excruciating goodbyes…

…while the staff takes one last relaxing moment back in the room
(click to see see how I always have to be the serious one…)

And that’s a wrap!

See you ALL next year!

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  1. Stephen Bennett Says:

    It was a great time! Thanks for the recap, Sir Gregory! It’s really fun to go back over the event the way you’ve laid it out here in the blog. Already looking forward to next year’s Gathering!

    Happy Christmas and a Merry New Year to the harp guitar community all around the world!

  2. Tony Barnard Says:

    As Stephen said, Thanks for all the blogs Sir Greggory, they have been great to read and see. So many great memories. Thanks to all of you who organised it and made it happen. Looking forward to the next one. Merry Christmas and happy new year to you all.

  3. Randall Sprinkle Says:

    It’s been said many times, but I will say it again. HGG13 was a great time. Thanks to everyone that came for the Gathering. Looking forward to next year and we have that date blocked out on the calendar.
    Thanks to you Gregg, for taking the time to write all of this down.

  4. John Riley Says:

    Dana and I had a marvelous time. The harp guitar community is such an amazing fellowship! I’m honored to be a part and we will see you next year!

  5. Drew Baldwin Says:

    Thank you, Sir Gregory, for the great job chronicling HGG13, it was another unforgettable weekend. Loved seeing and hearing all my old and new friends, and Randall and his family knocked it out of the park as hosts. Also, you blew me away with the Steve Howe tune! Counting down to HGG14!

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