Harp Guitar Gathering 15 – Part 1

Our biggest attendance ever (I have counted those on stage yet…please do!).

Chuck Thompson, C.H.G.P., has photos up now!  Sorry, no captions.  Narrative threads will hopefully appear on this blog, the Gathering section of the site, and Facebook – once my volunteer authors start submitting their entries.  Needless to say, I’m exhausted, but I did survive!




HGG15: A First-Timer’s Experience by Tommy Loose

HGG15 Travelogue by the Powell Brothers

The Museum’s article on the exhibit

The Museum Exhibit

Preparing the exhibit

Harp Guitar Raffle


  1. John Riley Says:

    I count fifty-one! I feel very thankful to have been one of them.

  2. Autumn Balthazor Says:

    What a truly magnificent event and stellar group of individuals. I have never felt so welcomed nor been in the presence of such phenomenal talent. I can hardly wait for next year. Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help out.

  3. Martin Pleass Says:

    Hi All,

    Such a joy to meet everyone for the 15th gathering. Still taking it all in really. I wasn’t that enthusiastic about leaving the California sun yesterday. It was a privilege to play you a tune and to talk with the great Gregg Miner about organology. So many lovely performances and a pleasure to sit there and listen. Never experienced anything like it. Thank you for putting this thing together so we could all come together.

    Love and peace to you all my friends,

    Martin Pleass

  4. MIchael Schreiner Says:

    Thank you for all the pics! Couldn’t make it this year but I see one of my HGs did (Fri pic 249+).

  5. Stephen Bennett Says:

    It was a great time – and you did a great job, Sir Gregory. Many thanks! And Chuck, you are a picture taking fool, my friend. Wow! Thanks for all the photos! Again.

    Thanks to all who attended this year. We missed many more who didn’t or couldn’t get there for one reason or another this time. Like you, Michael Schreiner…

    October 12-14, 2018 in Milford, Connecticut. Be there or be square.

    Best to all,

  6. DAN & BETS Says:

    Gregg, Jaci and all who worked, played, listened or just stood in the slipstream of such a phenomenon as HGGXV, we can say that mere words cannot fully convey our ongoing wonder, honor and soul-stirring delight in being part of such a family. Our heads are full of memories, our ears full of music and our hearts full of you all until next we meet.

    HGG continues to show that music is truly a glue to bond hearts and spirits, no matter their age or origin.

    Abiding love,


    P.S. We’ll be sending some more pix after we get home.

  7. Steve Silva Says:

    What a fabulous event this year! I am so glad that I was able to cross the country to attend. I think that between HGG15 and the NAMM Museum exhibit, this was one of those “once in a lifetime” experiences. So happy to reunite with all my harp guitar family.

    As an added bonus, I was very happy to get a copy of your new CD, Norwegian Wood. Your compositions and cover arrangements never cease to amaze me. As a long-time Dave Evans fan, I was very happy to listen to your arrangement of the title cut from one of the best fingerstyle guitar albums of all time, Sad Pig Dance. Equally enjoyable was your very creative expression of Dave’s essence with Glad Dave’s Rag. Too clever!

    I am already looking forward to next year in Milford! Thanks to you and Jaci for all the hard work that went into creating this experience for us. Hope to see you both soon!

  8. Travis Bowman Says:

    What a cool event! It was such a “bucket list” moment to play that last song with everyone. Glad to have met you all and I’m honored to have been a part of it. Thank you Steve Silva, Jaci, and Gregg for everything. I hope to come see you all again at the next one!


  9. Jake Murphy Says:

    Still cannot believe the people I was able to meet and the memories that were made. Such a surreal moment to be there with all of you. Already looking forward to next year!!

  10. Fred Carlson Says:

    from the pictures it looks like one AMAZING event. And what an extraordinary collection of instruments. It’s hard to believe I didn’t manage to get there…what a thing to have missed!

    But I do love you all!!


  11. Tony Barnard Says:

    The best gathering yet! Thanks Gregg, brilliant job. Such a superb lot of people and players all together. It’s my favourite thing in the world. Looking forward to seeing you all at Hgg16.

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