Isn’t it Good Norwegian Wood?

Much to my surprise, the answer is…well, I’ll let you read and judge for yourself!

My first surprise at this month’s 15th Harp Guitar Gathering, which my wife and I hosted at the NAMM Museum of Making Music, was our “hostess gift” – my just-finished new CD, included in each family’s registration packet.

Physical copies are now on sale – 14 years in the making, 27 instruments, 25 tracks, 74 solid minutes of musical marvels and mayhem!

With full-size, 11-page, downloadable Liner Notes and full color The Making Of book coming soon.

Read what some of my friends and colleagues are saying, and I hope you’ll give it a listen:

  1. Fred Carlson Says:


    Jeez, if I’d known I’d get a free copy of your latest, I’d have definitely crashed the party!! The heck with oral surgery, bad backs, demanding dogs and all of it, I’d have rushed on down!

    If only I didn’t have to leave home to go places…

    I’m looking forward to hearing about how the rest of that event went.

    Love you, dude!


  2. Stephen Bennett Says:

    Hey all- this cd is filled with gems!!!

    Because we don’t hear him playing as often as speaking, it can be easy to forget as we all sit there – Gathering after Gathering – listening in amazement to the sheer volume of harp guitar-related information that Gregg has painstakingly collected, synthesized, contextualized and put into presentation form for our enjoyment and enlightenment — just how truly musical he is.

    Sure, he’s a lunatic – but he’s our lunatic! And there’s no one else quite like him!

    Thanks for all you do, Sir Gregory.


  3. Tony Barnard Says:

    It’s a really great CD. I have two now as I bought one at NAMM and then got one in my welcome pack. This has worked out really well, as I now have one for the living room and one in my beloved shed.. home of all my inventions and much music. I’ve been enjoying it very much. Thanks Gregg.

  4. Gregg Says:

    No, thank you, Tony! Yours as well. It took us a couple weeks before we discovered it in all the packing detritus from the Gathering, and I could finally listen. A very creative outing, and love your piano partner!

  5. Randall Sprinkle Says:

    I’ve been listening to this cd for a couple of weeks now whenever I am driving. That’s my favorite time to listen to music. I had no idea what an accomplished player Gregg is. He has some musical moments that sound like organized chaos but it all works. His originals are great and his covers of contemporary and traditional tunes are very well thought out and executed. There is also wonderful slide playing all over this disc. I could go on and on…..and if I were Gregg I would. However I will show some restraint. Thanks for the disc and thanks for all you do for this growing band of musical misfits.

  6. Thomas Nielsen Says:

    A hyper musical record dwelling on good tunes and joyful playing rather than nerdy “because I have this exotic instrument and can play it even if it sounds weird and out of place” tracks (not that we would ever complain about that either, of course). Apart from an extremely enjoyable collection of wonderful music, I must admit that the the chief dish to me is the recording quality itself. It is for the most part kept very nicely dry and succinct adding to a very intimate feel that is really quite becoming. Sounds absolutely amazing, in fact… [even if there is a distinct lack of breathing noises :-)]. I could swear I was sitting right there.

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