New Harp Guitar Music Sub-Bass String Line is In Stock!

Greetings, stay-at-home-harp-guitarists!

I’m happy to say that after 14 years in business as Harp Guitar Music (the only web site/store on the planet exclusively devoted to this instrument) I finally have the ideal (steel string) sub-bass string manufacturer engaged.

All gauges are now in stock, and I’m actually offering more gauges than ever before. These are top-quality name brand USA-made phosphor bronze strings. I’m not allowed to say who, but you’ll figure it out…

This took a LOT of doing, and I’m heavily invested, so I DO appreciate your support. I know things are tough out there, and since I remain employed (for now), I’ve done everything I can to make these affordable so you can – if not gig, or tour – then at LEAST record and keep the music alive.

All orders (with $20 the only viable minimum order to make this work) are shipped free. Postage ain’t cheap – depending on your choices, that’s up to 25% savings right there. If you can stretch it, I now offer 5-pack quantity savings of an additional 20%.

I’ll get the various “sub-bass set” payment buttons back up eventually (after fine-tuning the new manufactured batch) – for now, please refer to the Set Tables and order from the singles list.

New page just posted:

Best, Gregg (Sir Gregory) Miner

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