Merry Christmas!



Coming up with this year’s card was a nice long distraction from the crushing drama of 2020. I could only think of the theme of “nostalgia” – imagining a better, safer, more innocent time. Which made me think of perhaps my favorite holiday film…and Ralphie’s many tribulations, which pale in comparison to today’s! We found that the movie is just too rich with imagery and classic scenes, so Jaci and I kept challenging each other to go a little further. She once again put my limited Photoshop skills to the test, but I forced her to make FIVE new costumes for Maezi. We hope everyone – not just fans of the classic film – enjoys it. – Gregg


  1. Kris Miner-West Says:

    You guys outdid yourselves as always. Yours and Maezi’s talents never cease to amaze. And the turn to nostalgia as a simpler more loving time is so needed and appreciated now more than ever. Love you.

  2. Kris Miner-West Says:

    Is that lamp Italian…?

  3. Dan Pease/Bettie Swarts Says:

    As expected, we were honored, delighted and hugely impressed with the wit, design and quality of the finished product–and even more pleased to get one by post and another by email!

    We haven’t broken Auggie Doggie’s Secret Message and will likely remain befuddled until time brings blessed forgetfulness (not hard to achieve anymore!). But we still consider the card–and the friendship of you all–a Major Award!

    Joy to you now and especially in 2021.

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