AMIS Virtual Conference June 4-6, 2021 Open to All!

Greetings, all. Long time readers of this blog are familiar with my reports when I attend the annual conferences of AMIS (the American Musical Instrument Society), which are all archived here.

Well, now’s your chance to join in via Zoom! For the first time ever, the entire event will be virtual and open to the public for only $25 for the entire weekend. And all presentations and tours will be taped, so will be available afterward for anything you missed.

I won’t be presenting this time but will be in a live working group on Friday noonish with the BMG (plucked string) folks led by my friend Daniel Wheeldon. Feel free to join me there and say hello and pitch in (not that I have any idea what’s going to happen!).

What else is there for my harp guitar and other music friends? Well, one of the highlights is always a visit to an instrument collection or two, and, while it won’t be hands-on this year, I hope to get a sense of the excitement and “behind the scenes” look at some fantastic collections virtually this year: The incredible Royal College of Music Museum, the new Sigal Museum (formerly the Carolina Music Museum I visited in 2019), and a harp collection, to name just three I don’t dare miss.

On the Conference schedule, you might find various papers of interest. I see one on early citterns, a couple on harps and my pal Rick Meyers is finally going to show us the incredible magic zither player illusion he studied with its owner John Gaughan (the mechanical magical machinist to the stars I visited in 2019 and shared on my Facebook page). Can’t wait for that one!

Again, anyone can attend, you all get the same price I do, and who knows – it might convince a few of you to join the Society and share in all the nerdy scholarship.



Gregg Miner
President, The Harp Guitar Foundation
Board of Governors, American Musical Instrument Society

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