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Secrets of the Harp Guitar in Europe

I’m duplicating this week’s Facebook post for those who get my news here. I just got copies of the brand new “Secrets of the Harp Guitar in Europe” CD from my friends overseas. Indeed, most of these players have long been friends of mine, and it’s nice to meet a couple of new ones. It’s […]

Luthier of the Month Michael O’Brien

I just updated the Luthier page on, adding 14 new builders and over 40 new instruments (sorry I’m this far behind, but I really need volunteers for  If I missed you, please let me know. One of the new entries is Michael O’Brien, who I introduced briefly last month by way of his […]

An Emotional HGG17

Last weekend was the 17th (!) Harp Guitar Gathering. Jaci and I had a lot more time to relax this year, as we continued the transition towards others taking over the work (more on this in 2020). Of course, this just then gave me more time and freedom to wallow in the emotional grief of […]

U Got 2 B Sharp: Adding Sharping Levers to a Timberline Harp Guitar

Today’s blog is a wonderful, in-depth guest article by a very thorough and articulate gentleman (Phil Schappert, PhD, of Nova Scotia, also a fine fingerstyle player and composer) who successfully (and easily, he says!) just finished adding sharping levers to his Timberline harp guitar. I’ve been waiting for this first experiment to be completed ever […]

New York State of Loud

Two weeks ago, I took an impromptu drive to Phoenix for the last weekend of their The Electric Guitar: Inventing an American Icon exhibit. This last weekend, I decided to continue this combo theme of Waiting ‘til the Last Minute and By the Way, You’re Not Getting Any Younger. I found a decent flight on […]

Phoenix Musical Road Trip

I’m typically not a procrastinator, but yes, I was planning for the last 10 months to get to MIM (The Musical Instrument Museum) in Phoenix AZ to see my pal Lynn Wheelwright’s collection in their special exhibit The Electric Guitar: Inventing an American Icon. When I realized that its last weekend was eminent, I had […]

AMIS, 2019 in Greenville, SC

Greetings! I’d here to report on my lovely trip to the 2019 Meeting/Conference/Symposium of the American Musical Instrument Society. As always, click on (most) photos to expand for details. This year’s was held in Greenville, South Carolina, hosted by Tom Strange (pictured) and staff at their wonderful 1-year-old Carolina Music Museum. The impressive collection consists […]

New Harp Guitar Sub-Bass Tuners

Merrill harp guitar #1 fitted with Rickard’s new state-of-the-art tuners. Actually, these weren’t technically invented for us, but they are going to be huge hit with harp guitar owners and players of the Dyer-style configuration! Vintage Dyers and Knutsens, also – more on that in a minute. As every schoolboy (and girl) knows, c.1900 harp […]

2019 Timberline Harp Guitars

You saw my NAMM post a week ago. I’ve just finished fully revamping my Harp Guitar Music Timberline section. Lots of new pics, specs, details, arrival dates, testimonials, etc. 1 year in, we’ve sold almost a hundred of these things!  Time to join the club?

Winter NAMM, 2019

I can sum up my short NAMM experience this last Saturday in two words: Filippo Bertipaglia. But more on that later. Ah, the NAMM circus in Anaheim … every year I say last one, and every year I’m back (but just for a day). It’s actually fun – mainly seeing all the musical friends I’ve […]

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