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HyVibe Harp Guitar

Come to the Harp Guitar Gathering in Milford, CT at the end of the October and hear the world’s first HyVibe-equipped harp guitars! We’re talking Timberlines, with HyVibe’s support and custom installation done by Chuck Thompson and Jack Jenkins (shown is a T30, ready to go).  If you’re not familiar with the incredible new technology, […]

A Miner Family History

Dear Friends, I’d like to alert those of you who frequent my blog to an extremely personal project that I recently finished (both visual and musical). I’m sharing it with any and all friends and fans who might find themselves curious, interested, or perhaps even moved. The introduction at this semi-private link will explain all: […]


Exciting news! For those of you who prefer your music digital but high quality and straight from the artists, I finally got my Bandcamp page up and running. All my own stuff, plus all my HGM label compilation albums on which I appear. Even the out-of-print and pricey “Water is Wide” Stephen Bennett tribute album. […]

Enormously Sad, Forever Glad. Dave Evans (Dec 3, 1940 – Apr 4, 2021)

From the desk of Gregg Miner: To all, Dave Evans, fingerstyle guitar cult hero to many, passed away peacefully in his sleep at 3 AM on April 4th. He was 80 years old, and had lived an undeniably rich and colorful life, full of friends and love. Rather than an obituary, this is a celebration. […]

Women in Harp Guitar History: Today’s History-Makers

After seven blogs worth of historical women harp guitarists, it’s time to close with today’s female players, who are making history of their own. At the top of the pack and the peak of her powers, is the popular virtuoso fingerstyle player Muriel Anderson, who surely needs no introduction – only to say that she […]

Theorboed Guitar Re-creations

Welcome to this follow-up to my previous article where I presented a complete-to-date overview of the first two centuries of possible theorbed guitars (the earliest form of harp guitar). Since 1976 when Robert Spencer initiated the topic with his 3-page article (Early Music, Vol. 4, no. 2), a growing number of Baroque and historical guitar […]

A Christmas Collection 25th Anniversary!

And to celebrate, free CDs for my entire readership! Wow, has it really been that long? For those unfamiliar with my story, you’re only reading this now because of this album. It’s what “put me on the map” in 1995. Before that, I was just your typical anonymous closet musician with a bunch of random […]

The Cigar Box Stoessel Lute and Other Stringed Inventions

I’ve been meaning to do a little story on Rich Eberlen’s “guitar conversion” inventions for years, but just never got around to it. His latest project inspired me to do so now, as I was just so captivated by it. The name alone is worth the headline: the “cigar box Stoessel lute”! But what is […]

Virtual Harp Guitar Gathering

NOTE: vHGG18 begins October 17th at 1:00 EASTERN TIME. For my California friends, that means 10 AM. I’ll appear about 45 minutes in. As readers know, Stephen Bennett, Joe Morgan and Randall Sprinkle split off to form their own Harp Guitar Gathering non-profit last year. At first, they sent out an announcement that HGG18 would have […]

Muriel Anderson, SB and a Virtual Water is Wide

For those who missed it, Muriel held her annual All-Star Guitar Night benefit show online last Saturday. It ended with a montage of harp guitarists playing our traditional finale together, even though separated by miles, if not oceans. She’s airing it as a separate segment, debuting this Wednesday evening with a LIVE CHAT for people […]

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