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James Kline: In a Parallel Reality

No, I’m not saying my arch-guitarist friend’s gone off his rocker…I’m talking about his new book! It’s a delightful small full-color hardback that features photos of the forest wood carvings he shares on Facebook. He’s collected the best in-situ photographs for us and sent a few copies to the States for his U.S. friends. Click […]

AMIS Virtual Conference June 4-6, 2021 Open to All!

Greetings, all. Long time readers of this blog are familiar with my reports when I attend the annual conferences of AMIS (the American Musical Instrument Society), which are all archived here. Well, now’s your chance to join in via Zoom! For the first time ever, the entire event will be virtual and open to the […]

…and Happy New Year!

…following up on our theme for this December…

Merry Christmas!

Coming up with this year’s card was a nice long distraction from the crushing drama of 2020. I could only think of the theme of “nostalgia” – imagining a better, safer, more innocent time. Which made me think of perhaps my favorite holiday film…and Ralphie’s many tribulations, which pale in comparison to today’s! We found that […]

A Christmas Collection 25th Anniversary!

And to celebrate, free CDs for my entire readership! Wow, has it really been that long? For those unfamiliar with my story, you’re only reading this now because of this album. It’s what “put me on the map” in 1995. Before that, I was just your typical anonymous closet musician with a bunch of random […]

Franco and Gregg: A Love Story

Today – October 15 2020 – we learned that our dear friend Franco Ghisalberti passed away. He was 93 years old. We are deeply saddened for his family and his oh so many friends – many of whom also felt like, and were treated like, family. That is certainly the case for Jaci and me. […]

Virtual Harp Guitar Gathering

NOTE: vHGG18 begins October 17th at 1:00 EASTERN TIME. For my California friends, that means 10 AM. I’ll appear about 45 minutes in. As readers know, Stephen Bennett, Joe Morgan and Randall Sprinkle split off to form their own Harp Guitar Gathering non-profit last year. At first, they sent out an announcement that HGG18 would have […]

In a Life before Harp Guitars

Long before harp guitars (for me)…there were 6-strings (and the occasional 12). I stumbled on this 1975 photo recently, and wanted to document this “transition period.” Fans of my Christmas Collection (CC) project and/or the Miner Museum might get a kick out of this faded “historical image.” My brother Mark and I had apparently decided […]

Sedona Getaway

Last weekend was a breath of fresh air in every way when we drove to Sedona, Arizona for a 5 day vacation with the Bennetts and Morgans (Stephen & Nancy; Joe & Linda, of Harp Guitar Gathering fame). While this blog is not harp guitar-related, they are…please enjoy at any rate! I had been here […]

Harp Guitar Foundation and Gathering News

We – the Harp Guitar Foundation Board and Advisors – have been brainstorming this for a couple years, and mentioned it at HGG17.  It is now official. Here’s what Stephen Bennett said at the Gathering last October: “While the Gathering has been part of the Harp Guitar Foundation for about a decade now, the Foundation […]

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