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The Harp Guitars of Mario Maccaferri

Greetings, harp guitar fans! I recently removed most everything I have on Maccaferri from the web site in order to collate and expand it all into a single 100-page PDF book. It’s free for viewing or download to all members. (Please email me for current password). Click on the book cover for a full […]

Women in Harp Guitar History: Today’s History-Makers

After seven blogs worth of historical women harp guitarists, it’s time to close with today’s female players, who are making history of their own. At the top of the pack and the peak of her powers, is the popular virtuoso fingerstyle player Muriel Anderson, who surely needs no introduction – only to say that she […]

Women in Harp Guitar History: Italy and Beyond

Thanks to Bruce Hammond for the wonderful Guest Blog on Grace Ravlin, Fine Artist and Bohmann Harp Guitar Player. And now back to our regularly scheduled program. Here is the last of my collected historical images of historical female harp guitar players – from Italy, then on to Russia! We begin in a land that I […]

Women in Harp Guitar History: Grace Ravlin, Transcendent Artist

The sixth in my special series celebrating women harp guitarists for 2021’s Women’s History Month features guest author Bruce Hammond, expert and collaborator on all things related to the world famous yet still enigmatic Chicago harp guitar maker Joseph Bohmann. This is a single-artist profile on a remarkable young woman who went from harp guitar-playing […]

Women in Harp Guitar History: Schrammelgitarristinnen!

We last celebrated the (mostly) American women who played those amazing Gibson harp guitars from about 1905-1925. Now we travel to Central Europe to look at the wide variety of musical groups where women took on the role of accompaniment on their many forms of kontragitarren, i.e.: “contra guitars,” sometimes called “bass (or contrabass) guitars” […]

The Invincible Four

Looking for something to celebrate 2021’s Black History Month, I went back through my files to see if there was anything harp-guitar-related that I might have somehow missed. Indeed there was. It was this second image of the “Greater Invincible Concert Company” that I had neglected to add with the other stunning image of the […]

James Shaw: First Rewrite

…which I know won’t be the last! Shortly after publishing my epic 3-part article “The James Shaw Family: A Hawaiian Musical Dynasty” barely two months ago, I finally received a high-resolution scan of a crucial piece. Yes, the rare, smoking gun trade card of the Volcano Singers – the first to perform in America at […]

Theorboed Guitar Re-creations

Welcome to this follow-up to my previous article where I presented a complete-to-date overview of the first two centuries of possible theorbed guitars (the earliest form of harp guitar). Since 1976 when Robert Spencer initiated the topic with his 3-page article (Early Music, Vol. 4, no. 2), a growing number of Baroque and historical guitar […]

The Earliest Harp Guitars

Since creating 16+ years ago, one of the most frequent questions I routinely get is along the lines of “What was the first (or earliest/oldest) harp guitar?” I’ve never answered this, and am not about to try now. However, I think it is finally time to give a little nutshell history lesson. I’ll then […]

A Christmas Collection 25th Anniversary!

And to celebrate, free CDs for my entire readership! Wow, has it really been that long? For those unfamiliar with my story, you’re only reading this now because of this album. It’s what “put me on the map” in 1995. Before that, I was just your typical anonymous closet musician with a bunch of random […]

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