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New Harp Guitar Music Sub-Bass String Line is In Stock!

Greetings, stay-at-home-harp-guitarists! I’m happy to say that after 14 years in business as Harp Guitar Music (the only web site/store on the planet exclusively devoted to this instrument) I finally have the ideal (steel string) sub-bass string manufacturer engaged. All gauges are now in stock, and I’m actually offering more gauges than ever before. These […]

Early Gibson Guitar Strings By Way of the Harp Guitar

Time for a shout out to the Guild of American Luthiers, of which I seem to perpetually find myself a member. Believe it or not, I have never built a guitar – nor do I repair my own instruments – I only do the simplest of tweaks for setup or easy repairs. Yet I have […]

Harp Guitar Stakes on a Plane

I’m speaking of string tension and the effects of temperature (in baggage)… GOOD NEWS!  Steve Silva, the mad scientist/engineering genius who did the tension calculations on all my individual Harp Guitar Music strings had done a detailed study on this, but after triple checking for me, DID find an error in what he had originally […]

New Nylon LaBella Sub-Bass Sets

New LaBella harp guitar sub-bass sets are ready! As I mentioned in last month’s New Strings blog, I hoped to commission some new custom nylon sub-bass gauges to fill in some missing gaps. I’m happy to report that LaBella came through quickly, and I next immediately had them tension tested at Silva Labs (Steve’s garage). […]

Sub-Bass Redux

Today’s blog title refers to the fact that I just fully revamped all of my string sets at Harp Guitar Music, both steel and nylon.  And, man, is my brain fried! It took 8 years for someone (DR Strings) to take harp guitars seriously, and it’s taken even more than that for anyone to figure […]

New Harp Guitar String Line Debut

And the winner is… Us! After ten years of beating the bushes (and my head against a brick wall), a major string manufacturer has finally taken harp guitars seriously.   While our instrument has been summarily blown off by D’Addario, GHS, JP and others, DR Strings bent over backwards to commit to this project, an exclusive […]

D’Addario Harp Guitar Sub-Bass Strings Close-out

As of today, I am discontinuing D’Addario phosphor bronze strings at my web store  – as I am switching to a new Harp Guitar Music exclusive vendor (finally, after all these years!). So I’m discounting all D’Addario phosphor bronze stock (see Harp Guitar Music web page). New upcoming strings will be same quality as D’Addario […]

New Dan LaVoie Signature Harp Guitar Sub-Bass Strings

DR Strings endorser Dan LaVoie (who has graced many Harp Guitar Gatherings, HGM CD compilations, and of late on tour with Don Alder), has collaborated with DR Strings to create not one, but two types of new sub-bass string sets. The bum has done what I’ve been trying to do for years – get a […]

Updated String Sets

With the harp guitar-playing community continuing to exponentially expand, I’m fielding more and more questions at Harp Guitar Music on what sub-bass strings to order.  For those with custom or oddball harp guitars, you’ll still need to calculate custom gauges for your instruments (I’m happy to help; in fact, I maintain a growing spreadsheet of […]

New Book on Lutes and Plucked Stringed Instruments

We now pause for this commercial break. The brand new edition (actually, an entirely new book) of The Lute in Europe that I blogged about last December is finally available. By a curious series of events, I find myself the U.S. outlet for retail sales (go figure – as I am not remotely involved in […]

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