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The Weird and Wonderful World of Bowed Zithers

Hey all – as harp guitars are just portion of my musical instrument passions, here’s (as the late Terry Jones would have said) Something Completely Different. The Weird and Wonderful World of Bowed Zithers Update: Turns out that the Lutz brothers’ firm was actually on the opposite side of Germany, in Saxony/Bohemia. Their Schönbach is […]

Remembering John Bilezikjian

Last weekend I heard the news that Los Angeles area oud master John Bilezikjian had passed away just days before on January 19th. The news brought back memories of some unusual musical moments in my life.  Though I didn’t really know John, I ran into him from time to time in Los Angeles, which wasn’t […]

HGG12: Luthiers

Welcome to our continuing series on the12th Harp Guitar Gathering.  I just added several more photos to our last episode.  And now, after a quick lunch break, we begin our afternoon session: First up was a special presentation by Dave and Anthony Powell on their special Freedom Tree Harp Guitar project.  I don’t seem to […]

HGG11 Overview

Hey all – I’ve managed to snag enough photos from Warburtons, Morgans, Pease and Facebook to present this quick overview of the key segments.  In the weeks to come, once more photos are in, I’ll concentrate on some of the different activities. Start to finish of the official 11th Harp Guitar Gathering went thusly: Friday […]

Harp Guitar Double Parking

Sorry I haven’t been as blogging-prolific lately.  Lots going on in preparation for the Harp Guitar Gathering and various other distractions. For example, I spent most of Sunday re-doing the Knutsen section in the museum room (selow.  It had been weighing on me). One of my cousins who comes over about once a year (and […]

Regal Archives

Did I mention that the first-ever book on “Regal” brand instruments came out at the beginning of the year?  Shame on me.  I guess it’s because there wasn’t much harp guitar-related material that readers weren’t already familiar with.  Bob Carlin is the author, and I don’t envy him the research of this topic one […]

Another Pile-up Day

Sorry, readers – nothing interesting ready for today… I was gone from dawn to just now (8 pm) on a sudden biz trip to San Jose (for the pesky day job). Back to find the usual 3 dozen emails (half spam). Harp guitar-related items of the day: 2 new requests for Holloway quotes Correspondence and […]

Sub-bass Pitch Changing: It’s all in the Feet

Here’s the second of those latest patent finds I mentioned a week ago.  This one I purchased on eBay in July from one of those dealers who prints out all sorts of patents on fancy paper and binds them in a folder to look nice.  Overkill for my purposes, but it was the only way […]

More from Rainer

Here, as promised, are the latest treasures collected by Rainer Krause. This first is a Viennese guitar with 4 theorboed basses by C. F. Bauer, whom I see is not yet in my Encyclopedia of makers… Rainer says this Bauer – from Klingenthal (Saxonia) – worked for a time for Stauffer, and this instrument was […]

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