Holloways to the Right and Left of Me

Had a blast last night at Scott and Jen’s second house concert presenting Stephen Bennett. Stephen stopped here first before a week of California concerts with the Andy McKee and Antoine Dufour (we’ll be going to Santa Barbara to see that this Friday). A main reason for Stephen’s visit was to try out the latest […]

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George Dudley and His 36-string Harp Guitar

Here is a special piece that has been in the works since a short teaser I did in October, 2010, in a blog entitled “A Two Person Trio?”. I closed that little oxymoronic mystery with a promise of the unveiling of a unique harp guitar…and here it is! The unprecedented instrument  is part of a […]

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Our Name Up in Lights for the Gathering’s 10th Anniversary

Yes, this is what we hope to see (with all the letters) up on the marquee of the Uptown Theater in beautiful downtown Grand Prairie, Texas. The contract is signed, and we are a go for the first weekend in November!  Check out the Gathering home page for more info. Next will be finding the […]

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VIP Yale Collection Tour

…the V.I.P.s being your humble tour guide (my first time at this important facility), Benoît Meulle-Stef, Dave Evans, Frank Doucette and Bob & Carol Workman.  Here we are in front of the cryptic entrance to the museum (Carol is taking the photo on her iPad).  This little outing occurred on the Thursday before the 9th […]

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Updates on Harp Guitar Relatives

I started to finally work up a blog on the very interesting visit to the Yale University Collection of Musical Instruments that a few of us were able to take in during the week of HGG9.  I had been waiting on photos and specs from the staff (which I got a month or more ago).  […]

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Further Harp Guitar Echoes…

Cool!  Further Beyond Six Strings made #3 in Echoes’ Top 25 in January.  I don’t remember if I’ve seen a Harp Guitar Music release there before – have you? It seems to have occurred from play of 3 tracks (repeated a few times): Stephen Bennett, Hiro Takai, and that mysterious E.T. power trio I’ve heard […]

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Harp Guitar Goodwill

Wow, somebody out there likes me.  Several somebodies, in fact. A week ago, someone alerted me to a Knutsen harp mandolin for sale at the shopgoodwill.com auction site (which I don’t keep up with). The next day, someone else – not one of my “regulars” – did the same. Then another.  And another. Within days, […]

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Modern Schrammel Players…1 Year Later

I did a short blog called Schrammels in the Modern World about a year ago (Feb 8, 2011), featuring “up and coming” players Emmerich Haimer, Joachim Csaikl, and Harald Koll.  These guys all use antique Viennese harp guitars (kontragitarres) to play their own modern music, which I think is pretty exciting (much like our own […]

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A Happy Harwood Ending

This is pretty cool… The instrument at left is clearly a Harwood parlor guitar that someone has added an unusual bass section to, wouldn’t you agree? It sold on eBay in November, 2005, and I went back and forth on deciding to include it on the site of not (I may have for a little […]

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The Gibson Sounding Board

Fellow Gibson historian Paul Fox recently unearthed some important rare documents: 2 issues of The Sounding Board.  This was an in-house magazine (later more appropriately called The Sounding Board Salesman) published mainly for the army of Gibson teacher/agents, who were out making Gibsons the most popular instruments of their day.  One is the very first […]

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