New Luthiers

Here is the recently completed Italian harp guitar by Mauro Marchesini, who builds beautiful archtops and other guitars near Bologna.  As you can see, it’s a fan fret, built for Giulio Sangirardi.  If it looks a bit reminiscent of the 2 recent harp guitars built by Max Monterosso of Padova, that’s because Max lent a […]

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We did it!

We made our goal to receive a matching grant – and with time to spare…look what we’ve done in less than 2 months! Now that we’ve hit $5000, we’ll get another $5000 in matching funds from Ed Littlefield, Jr. for a total of ten grand extra in our dwindling coffers. Now that we’ve hit this […]

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Medley, with Shinness, Live Tonight

My guess is that most of you will see this too late.  I’ll come straight home from work and see if I can catch some of it, myself. Tom Shinness (on the new Christmas Present CD) just told me this morning that he’ll be playing cello with Keith Medley today at 6 pm Nashville time. […]

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Seeing is Believing

You’ve now heard four recordings of Taraffo transcriptions by the amazing Christian Saggese, as presented on my blogs of Sept 25 and Nov 15, and now archived on the site. It’s quite another to see it in performance.  From private footage and audio supplied by Franco, I have finished editing and posting the Cavalleria Rusticana […]

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Harwood a Mystery No Longer

Man, has this been a long time coming. I had almost forgotten that it was 17-18 years ago now that I first heard of the “Harwood” brand.  That was when my friend, the late Dan Most (of the Knutsen  book), obtained the amazing double-soundhole Harwood HG for me, which I of course used on A […]

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Happy Thanksgiving

Wishing a safe and sound holiday to all my friends and readers across the States.  For those of you around the world not in the loop, this is the day when we American’s get a day off work (usually 2) to be with family and eat turkey and give thanks for random things in our […]

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Martin’s Dubetz Harp Guitar

Continuing Saturday’s story on Joe and Linda Morgan’s visit to the Martin factory (photos are theirs)…. I imagine that the public must invariably be surprised (shocked, more likely) by the strange harp guitar displayed with all the normal Martin 6-strings.  It was originally shown in a curious 1-page story on page 214 of the original […]

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Visiting Martin with the Morgans

Joe & Linda Morgan took some extra vacation time before Harp Guitar Gathering 9 to spend some time in Nazareth, PA, where they greatly enjoyed touring the Martin Guitar factory. I’ve never been (and don’t know when such a trip would be possible), so was glad that they could share the visit with us. Joe […]

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Harp Guitars in the Limelight

This is cool…I didn’t even know they had done it.  The November 11 Artist Spotlight at Limelight Song Clearance featured us (specifically the new Christmas CD).  I used them (at CD Baby’s suggestion) for mechanical licenses on Stephen’s Classic Rock CD to track down harder-to-find publishers and permissions for Doors and Hendrix tunes…and just stuck […]

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Taraffo’s Sonatina in A Major

A fourth transcription and recording has been completed by Christian Saggese (see The Second Coming of Taraffo).  Once again donated to, this is the Sonatina in la maggiore (A major) written by Pasquale Taraffo. All 4 recordings can be found on the Taraffo home page. Enjoy!

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