Experimental Hawaiian Guitar 

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This strange looking Hawaiian guitar turned up in Los Angeles, and subsequently sold through Soest Guitars. While "Knutsenesque" in some ways, it strays out of the bounds of his (and anyone else's) instruments. I wanted to take a look just in case - mainly as I had heard rumors of a "surfboard-shaped Knutsen" - which could somewhat describe this guitar.

Alas, it turned out not to be a Knutsen - nor like anything else I've ever seen. More like a crude experiment by someone inspired by a Knutsen or similar Hawaiian. I've left the more unattractive photographic details off the site, to concentrate on the interesting aspects. Such as the cut-out headstock, fanciful Knutsen-inspired bridge, interesting koa back (sides & neck of oak or ash), and the bone nut. This latter is engraved "Gaylord's" but looks like it was possibly borrowed from another source.

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