The Mandolin Family Instruments of Chris Knutsen 

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34 Knutsen Mandolins now known! *
(* = known to have been built. Only 28 survive)

The Knutsen mandolins in the gallery below are separated into the categories referenced in the Category/Style Reference Chart.

Only one example of a Knutsen mandolin without a harp arm is known - the rest are all harp mandolins (plus one harp mandola and one harp bandurria).

Harp mandolins are defined by having a hollow arm extending from the sound chamber.

Like Knutsen’s harp (or "one arm") guitars, they do not have to actually have extra bass "harp" strings (though a few do) – the "harp arm" is enough.

Knutsen’s harp mandolin family comes in four basic body shapes:

"Lower Bass Point," "Lower Treble Point," "Guitar-shaped" and "Guitar-shaped, Lower Bass Point. The terms "treble" and "bass" refer to which side the pointed flare is on (rather than "right or left") to cover both right- and left-handed instruments.



   Harp Mandolins


"Lower Bass Point"




HM22 HM29

"Lower Treble Point" (the first specimen has sub-bass strings)

HM3 HM1 HM5 HM10 HM14 HM17 HM6
HM15 HM24 HM25 HM26 HM28 HM30  

"Guitar-shaped, Lower Bass Point" (the first 4 specimens have sub-bass strings)

HM2 HM9 HM7 HM27 HM13 HM20 HM18 HM8 HM11 HM23


   Harp Mandolas    Harp Bandurrias
HMA1 HMA2 The Mysterious Five-Course Harp Mandola
Another Knutsen-Dyer Connection?

   Additional harp mandolins without images are listed in the Inventory.

Comparing the Harp Mandolins 

Was the Dyer harp mandolin a Knutsen design?

Plus: the Dyer harp mandolin family!

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