The Frigate Monsoon 
by Gregg Miner, as part of The Knutsen Archives

100 Years of Emigrant Ships from Norway

On this web site there is a picture of the boat that Chris Knutsen's family sailed on to come to America. They left Bergen on April 20, 1866, for Quebec.

Jean Findlay found this fascinating web site through a link from the Immigrant Ships Transcribers Guild site.

She adds, "The reason I know what boat Chris came on is the Versterheim Museum sent me a copy of the ship's manifest. So although no transcription has yet been done of the passenger list, the passenger list does exist - unlike the period 1860-1865, when those lists for immigrants coming in through Quebec were not preserved. So no list exists for my great-grandfather's journey, his brother Nils' trip six months later, nor for Anna (Chris' wife) and her family in 1862."

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