Chris Knutsen Timeline  

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(some dates are estimates; most are those proposed by Most/Noe. 
Entries in blue are still under investigation)

1862 Born Johan Christian Kammen in Norway.
1866 Immigrates to America, settling in Minnesota.
1888 Marries Anna Kammen.
Changes name to Knutsen. Working as a mason.
1895 Moves to Port Townsend, WA.
Prototype "One-Arm" guitars made.
1896 First patent for "One-Arm" guitar granted.
1898 Second patent for "One-Arm" guitar with sub-bass strings granted.
Symphony harp Guitars introduced.
Dyer relationship starts.
1900 Moves to 1001 J. St., Tacoma, WA.
1903 Moves to 903 S. Yakima Ave.
Symphony Harp Guitars evolving new headstock.
1905 Moves to 905 S. G St.
Hawaiian bands tour the Pacific Northwest, including the Lewis & Clark Exposition in Portland, OR.
1906 Moves to 1910 8th Ave., Seattle, WA.
Harp Guitars change to "Lower Bass Point" style.
The Harp Guitar Company established with John H. Bourn at 2002 6th Ave.
1907 The Harp Guitar Company is dissolved. Knutsen again independent.
1908 Moves to 405 Cedar St.
1909 Moves to 219 Westlake Ave North.
Public heavily attends the Alaska-Yukon-Pacific Exposition in Seattle, WA, featuring continual Hawaiian music.
First "convertible guitars" appear.
1910 Harp Mandolins introduced.   
1912 Has a shop in Bellingham, WA; Residence still in Seattle.  Harp guitar patent expires.
1913 Moves residence and shop to 1200 Stewart St. in Seattle. Lists address as "Harp Guitar Factory at Stewart and Minor."
Harp Guitar headstocks change further.
DeLano/"Kona" relationship begins.
1914 For the next two years, Knutsen's exact location is unknown. 
Tom Rousseau, Knutsen's son-in-law moves to 1413-F Temple St. in Echo Park, Los Angeles. This may have served as Knutsen's temporary "base of operations" - first, to build steel guitars (Knutsen style, then the first Konas) for Charles DeLano who was based in Los Angeles (as Tom Noe has long believed) and next to create the New Hawaiian Family line (perhaps to coincide with the upcoming PPIE in San Francisco, my belief).
Hermann Weissenborn is in Los Angeles listed as a "manufacturer and repairer of all stringed instruments," with piano repair his specialty.
1915 Panama-Pacific International Exposition in San Francisco officially starts the "Hawaiian music craze."
"New Hawaiian Family" line introduced by this time, including harp ukes and additional Hawaiian guitar styles.
1916 Moves to 1600 Temple St., Los Angeles, CA.
Weissenborn enters the Hawaiian guitar business.
1917 Residence at 1635 Temple St.
Shop set up at 1542 Temple St?
Missing from 1918 directory (and 1919 directory is not available).
1920 Moves to 1642 Temple St. 
Shop is now listed at 1542 Temple.
1921 Moves into apartment over the shop at 1542 Temple St.
1922 Business and residence still at 1542 Temple; additional space listed at 536 Echo Park Av.
1927 Resides with daughter Myrtle’s family at 1306 McDuff St.
1928 Shop at 1487-1/2 Sunset Blvd.  Found!  This was a tiny outbuilding behind his McDuff home.
1930 Dies on Nov. 6th at age 68.
Anna dies on Nov. 8th at age 73.

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