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For retail or wholesale orders of the essential book.  Books available through Harp Guitar Music. 

Not just harp guitars, but all the instruments built by the fabled Larson Brothers. By the expert on the subject, Robert C.
Hartman.  Buy his book(s)!  Either direct through Bob, or Harp Guitar Music.

More books!
Jonathan Kellerman's stunning new book features all of his many Knutsen and Weissenborn harp-steels and steel guitars

My original Knutsen page 

From my Christmas Collection CD booklets, published in 1995.

Guild of American Luthiers

Order copies of American Lutherie. See Bibliography for harp guitar articles.

Kerry Char

Builds and restores harp guitars.

John Doan

Harp guitarist and historian, and also a Knutsen fan.

Michael Dunn

I suppose I should be fair and list all the makers of Knutsen and Weissenborn- inspired instruments (someday). But I just love Michael's work!

"1,000 Years of the Guitar: A Contextual Reflection" by Michael Wright

A very interesting article on the modern guitar that begins with the whole Hawaiian - Knutsen connection.

A nice display and discussion of Weissenborns and Hawaiian guitars on this Ben Harper site.

Lorene Ruymar's site, where you can order her book The Hawaiian Steel Guitar and its Great Hawaiian Musicians.

Hawaiian Steel Guitar Association

Bob Strum
    Bob is a new friend (and contributor to this site) who plays gorgeous pedal steel. If you like either Gospel music or this instrument, download his sample song Great Is Thy Faithfulness and you'll see what I mean (all instrumental).

100 Years of Emigrant Ships from Norway    
The NorwayHeritage transcription project is a group of volunteers dedicated to getting all of the pre-1875 Norwegian emigrants listed in an online database. See the ship Knutsen emigrated on!

The Ukulele Occasional 
Issue 2 of this fun "mini-book" features my exhaustive article on harp-ukuleles (with my Knutsen on the cover!).


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