Greetings, harp guitar fans!

For the backstory of Harpguitars.net, please see this page.
As for who created it, read on!

Gregg Miner has been fascinated by harp guitars since the early 1970s. He purchased his first instrument (a 1916 red sunburst Gibson) in 1983, then fell in love with the harp guitars of Chris Knutsen when he found his first one in 1988. He collects harp guitars, researches harp guitars, writes about harp guitars, plays harp guitars, produces harp guitar CDs, buys and sells harp guitars, and currently runs Harpguitars.net, Harp Guitar Music and the Harp Guitar Foundation. You would think that by now he would be sick of harp guitars, but he is not.

Miner’s other musical hobbies include an entire museum of plucked stringed instruments and recordings made with the instruments, which can be seen on his personal web site.

He retired from a 38-year Northrop Grumman aerospace job in 2021. His many non-musical interests, you just wouldn’t believe.

Gregg’s Blogg: Blog topics include anything and everything under the sun, mostly harp guitar related – updates and new discoveries of instruments, history, players, builders, recordings, articles, sightings, stories, observations, you-name-it.
I also occasionally include stories on other rare plucked stringed instruments from my collection, music-related travel adventures, and personal news.

Enjoy! – Gregg