Proudly presenting:

The world's first ever Harp Guitar Compilation CD!

Produced by

Stephen Bennett,

John Doan and

Gregg Miner

13 tracks presenting the current "state of the art' in harp guitar -

- including 6 new recordings unavailable anywhere else!

Debuting 11/13/04 at the Harp Guitar Gathering II, and thereafter available from the individual artists.


1. Don't Give Into Sorrow About Tomorrow (Tom Shinness / BMI)
            Tom Shinness: 1913 Gibson harp guitar - from Translucent Harp
2. Heavenly Earth Dance (Hasan)
            Iwan Hasan: 1991 21-string John Sullivan harp guitar
3. The Friend I Never Met (Andy McKee Music / BMI)
            Andy McKee: 1998 Ron Spillers harp guitar - from Dreamcatcher

4. Brookside Avenue (Daniel E. Lavoie / BMI)
            Dan LaVoie: 2000 Ron Spillers harp guitar - from Dan LaVoie
5. Emmet’s Rising (Wahlberg Music)
            Andy Wahlberg: Dyer harp guitar, circa 1915

6. Deserted Island (Miner - String Fever Music, ASCAP)
            Gregg Miner: Knutsen harp guitar, circa 1899
7. Theme from Redwood Variations (Kline)
            James Kline: 11-string arch guitar, built by Gary Southwell, 1994 - from Troubadour's Odyssey
8. In John Fahey There Is No East or West (Doan - Heirloom Serenades / BMI)     
John Doan: 1986 20-string Sullivan-Elliott harp guitar
9. Scarborough Fair (trad., arranged Hobbs)
            Stacy Hobbs: Dyer harp guitar, circa 1915 - from Awakening of the Spirit
10. Clarsah (Anderson)
            Muriel Anderson: 2003 Mike Doolin harp requinto
11. The Long Walk Home (Dutcher - Big Little Bill Records / ASCAP)
            Bill Dutcher: 2004 J. Thomas Davis harp guitar - from upcoming release Finding Time
12. Chin Up (Berwald - Reflect On Music / BMI)
            Larry Berwald: 1999 Ron Spillers harp guitar
13. November (Bennett - Greased Pig Music / BMI)
            Stephen Bennett: 2001 Merrill Brothers harp guitar - from Music From Tsenacommacah

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