Marvelous Mozzani!
The Incredible Harp Guitars of Luigi Mozzani
by Gregg Miner

Chapter 7: Mozzani's Followers

As Mozzani appropriated ideas from Schenck, so too did he inspire others to experiment further with his own designs. By far his most notable student was Mario Maccaferri, who in many ways mirrored Mozzani's career as a concert performer (also on a harp guitar of his own design), luthier (the famous Selmer guitars made famous by Django Reinhardt) and innovator (plastic guitars and ukes, among other inventions).
Maccaferri, c.1926-1929, Italy Like Mozzani, Maccaferri occasionally made harp guitars without a hollow arm. Maccaferri, late 1920s, Italy Maccaferri, designed for Selmer #278, c.1933

Other makers influenced by Mozzani
Rapisarda, 1936 Clearly a Mozzani knockoff, with an oval soundhole.

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