Harp Guitar Form 2b
by Gregg Miner

Additional Neck harp string attachment, Headstocks are connected.
A permanent piece of wood or metal joins two otherwise separate headstocks.

NOTE TO RESEARCHERS:  Please understand that many of the instruments on this page were not originally referred to as "harp guitars."
To understand why they are classified as such today, it is imperative that you first thoroughly read and comprehend the site author's thesis.

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Lyon & Healy "American Conservatory"
Lyon & Healy "American Conservatory"
Lyon & Healy "American Conservatory" Lyon & Healy Monster Bass, c.1910

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Bohmann, c.1899

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Lyon & Healy "American Conservatory"
Oscar Schmidt "Sterling" Stahl Washington brand, from 1930 Tonk Bros catalog
("Washington" is on a plaque on the headstock)

Same design, but extremely fancy.  Customized or factory?

Wurlitzer "Howard" (Wurlitzer brand) Supertone "Raymond" "Stewart" Unknown

Carl Fisher, New York, c.1902 H. Levin, New York /Gothenburg, 1900-1907 Carl Fisher / Levin (?) Carl Fisher / Levin (?) Angello Mandello, NY Fratelli Masetti (Masetti Brothers), Modena, c.1920s

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Once Swede Hermann Levin opened business in New York and was fully ensconced in both countries, he offered the exact same model as in the Carl Fisher catalog (on both sides of the Atlantic).  It is not known who designed or built these instruments, or even in which country!

Biehl (missing sub-bass neck) Bohmann Unknown
(note the 12 neck strings. This instrument is somewhat different from the Bruno "12-string" in Form 2c)



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