Harp Guitar Form 5
by Gregg Miner

Open Frame harp string attachment.
The harp strings connect to a solid, generally continuous open framework. This "harp-like" frame typically (but not necessarily) connects the body and headstock.

NOTE TO RESEARCHERS:  Please understand that many of the instruments on this page were not originally referred to as "harp guitars."
To understand why they are classified as such today, it is imperative that you first thoroughly read and comprehend the site author's thesis.

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Unknown (Mast?)

This is a true harp guitar version of the Mast-style "Harp-Guitar in Name Only" in this Gallery. This instrument must certainly be a Mast also.

This and the instrument at right should perhaps be considered "one off" hybrid instruments rather than true harp guitars

Unknown English, c.1800-1825

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Abelspies, 1893,
Pat #497,939
I placed the last instrument here deliberately to highlight the fact that there are gray areas between my basic Forms. This could just as justifiably been placed in Form 1b, as it is as perhaps closer to the Gibsons as it is to the instruments on this page.
William Eaton Dave Evans, Brussels, 1988 (for Pierre Bensusan)
Alain Quéguiner, Paris (for François Lemonnier)
Unknown Benoit Meulle-Stef
(this technically belongs with "other instruments" as it is actually a 3-course, double-strung "tzouraharp." However, it helps represents this form so well, plus, a harp guitar version is planned.

Davide Castellaro (Italy) Cloe Guitars (Italy) Bart Applewhite Electric harp bass!  Bart Applewhite Electric upright harp bass!  Unknown
(for the band Outside the Door)


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