Organology: Harp Guitar "Relatives"

Note to the casual reader or researcher: This Reference Gallery features historical instruments that are not harp guitars, but “relatives” or distant “cousins” – presented on for historical and organological comparison.

Hollow-arm Guitars
("Pseudo" Harp Guitars)

by Gregg Miner

There are three forms, and they more or less duplicate the three types of Form 3 harp guitars - without the additional sub-bass or harp strings.

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                  Type A

Birrer, 1894,
Pat #518,775
Knutsen, 1896,
Pat #D26,043
Otto Anderson, 1895-1899
(Knutsen builder)
Knutsen, c.1897 Hagberg, 1898,
Pat #D29,666
Chitarra Dionisio "Solista"
Porto, Sicily, c.1898-1903
Knutsen, c.1910

Mozzani Unknown Columbia, ca.1950 Espana. 1970
Pete Sharp Sharp guitar,1990s Takahiro Shimo, Tokyo
7 strings on the neck

Carl C. Anderson, San Francisco, 1895 Carlo Godone

                  Type B (Note the difference between these "lyre" forms of standard guitars compared to earlier "lyre guitars."

Unknown Giacinto Santagiuliana, 1829 Washburn, c.1892 Lyric "Behee Harp Guitar," c.1955-1965 (based on c.1900-1907 patent) Espana. c. 1970

                  Type C

Anderson, ca.1898 (for Knutsen) Mozzani, 1910-1940s
The wrap-around-the-headstock section is typically blocked off.



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