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                    Chris Knutsen Timeline - a simple dated bullet list of the key events in Knutsen's career.
                    "Harmony in the Family" - Jean Cammon Findlayís original search for her roots.
                    "Whatís in a Name?" - Jeanís research into the Knutsen name.
                    "Chris Knutsen: Vignettes of a Life" - Jean reveals some of Chris' exploits.
                Does Chris Knutsen Have Living Descendants?
                    Otto Anderson: Knutsen's Subcontractor! - discovered in 2002, a key part of the Knutsen story.
Jeanette's Story of Her Grandfather - by Anderson descendant Jeanette Detlor.
The Knutsen - Anderson Connection - explores in depth their "secret" relationship.
The Andersons & Ingman Ivar Strum - Jeanette Detlor's friend Bob Strum's Knutsen-playing grandfather.
Links to Anderson's four positively identified instruments.
                    Historical Photos (secondary link to this main page)
                    Knutsen Family Trees:
                                        1. Chrisí Grandfather
                                        2. Chris Knutsen
                                        3. Jean Findlay

                    Knutsen Residences Today - Jean's photos of those family residences which still exist.
          Death Certificates:
                                        Chris Knutsen
                                        Anna Knutsen
                    The ship Chris rode in on...

          Instruments (note: each individual instrument page has a link at page bottom which takes you directly to the Next Instrument in sequence)

                    Knutsen Instrument Categories, Styles & Terminology - an essential guide to the instruments.
                    Harp Guitars  
                                       Category/Style Reference Chart (secondary link)
Knutsen Harp Guitar Evolutionary Tree - a simple graphic of how they progressed/evolved.
Knutsenís Patents (secondary link)
Port Townsend Harp Guitars - the two types of "Patent-style" harp guitars in chronological order.
Tacoma Harp Guitars - the Symphony harp guitars in chronological order.
Seattle Harp Guitars - the harp guitars with pointed flares on the body  in chronological order.
Post-Seattle Harp Guitars - explores why there are as yet no harp guitars found after 1913.
Inventory (secondary link)
Knutsen Harp Guitar Evolution - a virtually Darwinian progression from the first guitars to the last!
Dyer Harp Guitars - examines the connection between Knutsen, Dyer, and the Larsons.
The Knutsen-Anderson Connection (secondary link)
                    Hawaiian Guitars
                                       Category/Style Reference Chart (secondary link)
Convertible Guitar Gallery - converts (in theory) for either "Spanish" or "Hawaiian" style playing.
Hollow Neck Hawaiian Guitar Gallery - neck terminates anywhere from the nut to 7th fret.
Unidentified Knutsen Hawaiian Guitars - a group of Knutsen Hawaiians of the DeLano Sextette.
Inventory (secondary link)
The Knutsen-Weissenborn Connection - with Jonathan Kellerman
Comparing Knutsenís Hawaiians - a fascinating variety of features, from subtle to striking.
A Knutsen Bass? - farfetched, but not impossible!
                                       Category/Style Reference Chart (secondary link)
                                       Mandolin Gallery - a wide variety of models.
Mandola Gallery - only one known to date.
Bandurria Gallery - also in "harp" form; only one known to date.
Inventory (secondary link)
Comparing the Harp Mandolins - an incredible variety of models.
Dyer Harp Mandolin Family - asks "Was the Dyer harp mandolin a Knutsen design?"
                                       Harp Ukuleles - in seven basic levels of woods & trim.
Harp Taropatches - double-strung, and possibly the earliest large-bodied ukes in history.
The Family Ukes - the personal ukuleles of Knutsen's daughter, granddaughter and niece.
Inventory (secondary link)
Comparing the Ukes  - as usual, no two alike.
                                       "One-armed" Violin - an amazing discovery, presumably built by Anderson for Knutsen.
Otto Anderson Violin - examines a standard violin built by Anderson.
                    Knutsen's Patents - American & English, "patent applied for," similar patents by others.
Knutsen Advertisements - a repository of all known ad material, some from living relatives.
                    Otto Anderson: Knutsen's Subcontractor! (secondary link)
Labels - an illustrated table of all known labels and the instruments they are found in.
Similar Instruments - hollow-armed instruments by other makers, both historical and contemporary.
                              Historical Instruments
Dyer harp guitars (secondary link)
Dyer harp mandolins (secondary link)
George La Foley Hawaiian Guitar - a "Weissenborn-shaped Hawaiian from England.
Experimental Hawaiian Guitar - a "surfboard-shaped" Knutsen-esque Hawaiian.
Contemporary Instruments
Knutsen Guitars: A Look Inside - ongoing study of instrument bracing.
                    Chris Knutsen Timeline (secondary link)
                    Inventory of Knutsen instruments known to date - a master list logging each instrument found.

          Historical Photographs

                    Image Gallery without text - thumbnails links to all photos.
                    Chris Knutsen & family - a repository of all known photos, many from living relatives.
                    Knutsen-playing musicians - a repository of all known photos, some from living relatives.
                              Payne's Mandolin and Guitar School - featuring 13 Knutsen players, including Chris & Anna Knutsen! 
                              Ingman Ivar Strum  (secondary link)
                              Bert Amend & the One-Armed Musicians -  incredible story of a band of one-armed Knutsen-players!
                    Knutsen Advertisements (secondary link)
                    Knutsen's Instrument Labels (secondary link)

          Mission Statement/Acknowledgments - my credo, a word about Dan Most, and list of the hundreds of contributors to the site (Credits)

          F.A.Q.s - questions and answers.

          Bibliography - list of Knutsen-related material in print.

          Knutsen Links - links to Knutsen-related material on the web.

          Latest Additions - the first place you should stop to check on the most recent updates.

          Submissions/Contact - email and street address, and how you can help!

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