Chapter 2

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1911 March 3 – Spain – Barcellona – “ Teatro Poliorama “ where P. Taraffo performs in a number of recitals for several weeks with standing ovations by the audience who named him “ El Dios de la Guitarra “ (The God of the Guitar), “Hijo preferido” (Our favourite child), “Il Paganini della chitarra” (The Paganini of the Guitar).
1912 Taraffo continues his tournée in Malaga, Granada, and other places nearby.
1917 February 23 – Genoa, Italy – contracted for three concerts at the Apollo Theatre with the guitarist Vigna
1921 After a very successful tournée in South America, in July he returned to Europe (Spain)  in  Vigo (Galicia) where he gave various concerts with great success of audience  and local press.         

July, 31 – Spain – Pontevedra – Recital at “Teatro Principal”.great success. His tournée continues in a number of very successful recitals.

September, 22 – Italy – Salice – Recital at “Salone Teatro”

October, 9 – Italy – Tortona – Recital at “Teatro Civico”

October, 16 and 20 – Italy – Pavia – Recital at “Teatro Guidi”

1922 April 14 –  Rome, Italy Concert at “Triaton” Theater
1925 Late September – arrives in Buenos Aires on the steamer “ReVittorio,” performs for press and promoters; the beginning of his success in South America.

November 4 – Buenos Aires, Argentina – concert at Smart Theater


Returns from Brazil to Buenos Aires on the steamer “Meduana“

May 31 – Genoa, Italy – concert at Politeama Genovese Theater

June 28 – Correggio, Italy concert at Politeama T. Mariani Theater

July 3-4 – Castel San Giovanni, Italy – concert at “Teatro Comunale”28 July – Salsomaggiore, Italy – concert at Grand Hotel de Thermes

September 9 – San Vicente, Argentina – concert at Centro de Fomento

September – Argentina – series of performances at Cine San Martin

1927 September 24 – Montevideo, Uruguay - concert at “Royal Theatre”
1928 January 12 – Trieste, Italy Concert at "Politeama Rossetti"

November 11-12 – Tortona, Italy – concert at Teatro Sociale with Nino Catania on mandolin

December 19 New York, USA – shooting of the film of which a fragment can still be seen

December 23 New York, USA – concert at Gallo Theater

1929  January 5 – New York, USA – Town Hall concert

January – Chicago – Recital at the “Orchestra Hall”

May 16 – New York, USA – concert at Loreto Auditorium

May 30 – San Francisco, USA - arrives in California, meets Guido Deiro

June 2 – Oakland, USA – concert at Scottish Rite Auditorium with soprano Elsa Behlow Trautner (organized by Guido Deiro, agent L. Trucchi)

June 4 – San Francisco, USA - concert at Masonic Temple with accordionist Guido Deiro and soprano Elsa Behlow Trautner

June 6 – San Francisco, USA - concert at Junior High School with Guido Deiro and Armando Aguilar, tenor

June 9 – Stockton, USA – concert at Grower’s Hall with Guido Deiro and Armando Aguilar

June 14 – San Francisco, USA - farewell concert at Liberty Theater with Guido Deiro and Armando Aguilar

October – Italy - series of concerts with Nino Catania on mandolin, his brother Pietro and the singer Zara Prima: Politeama Genovese Theater, Genoa, Maffeis Theatre, Turin, Rossetti Theater, Trieste, Teatro Sociale, Tortona


1933 May 24 Rapallo, Italy Concert at the Plaza Theater

June 4–5  Genoa, Italy  Concert at the Politeama Sampierdarenese

July 5-31 – Atlantic cruise on the CONTE GRANDE: Genoa – Cannes – Barcelona – Tangier – Lisbon - P. Delgada – Madeira – Gibraltar – Nice – Genoa

August 5-26 – Eastern Mediterranean cruise on the CONTE GRANDE: Genoa – Cannes – Barcelona Palermo – Falero – Athens - Mount Athos – Chanak – Istambul – Pathos – Rhodes – Larnaka – Beirut - Candia Katacolo – Corfu - Bay of Kotor Ragusa – Brioni – Venice

September 1-10 – “Four seas” cruise on CONTE GRANDE: Venice – Brioni – Abbazia – Zara – Ragusa – Kotor – Corfu – Malta - Tripoli – Cagliari – Caprera – Ajaccio – Cannes – Genoa

October-December tour of South America, returning via New York

1934 January 5 – USA – concert and banquet in Taraffo’s honor in Balilla’s Restaurant

January 10 New York, USA boards the ship Roma to return to Italy

March 26 begins tour on the ship Conte di Savoia for Greek Easter cruise with E. Bianco Band and the singer M. Cappello.


February 24 – Berlin,Germany

March 24 – Vienna, Austria

October 19 – Budapest, Hungary

December 30 – Brno, Czechoslovakia

1935 January 25 – Prague, Czechoslovakia
1936  Late July/early August - Buenos Aires, Argentina – arrives on the ship CONTE BIANCAMANO with the singer Mario Cappello, with whom he had often performed during the voyage. Due to public demand, he extends his stay to perform more concerts in Buenos Aires and the surrounding area. He stays on the bill at the Buenos Aires Casino Theater for 40 consecutive nights and takes part in several for Radio Cultura and Radio Fenix
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