New Luthiers

This amazing creation was discovered by Ben last week.

It is by Canadian maker Hubert Soumis-Pilon (Saradip Guitars), and is a modern Sullivan-Elliott-style 21-string nod to this this instrument by Viennese maker Schenk.

He displayed at the Montreal Guitar Show, where I assume John Doan got to play it, while performing there this year.  Anyone have any photos?  If anyone can contact Hubert on my behalf (email bounced back), I would appreciate Gallery photos and info on his clever instrument.  I’ve taken the liberty of adding him to First Time Luthiers as well. member Esau Simmons also found this new instrument by maker Dake Traphagen in Bellingham, WA.

Dake (who I also added to First Time Luthiers) tells me he “had a lot of fun making this nylon string…for a jazz player, so there should be some interesting music coming out of her.”

Hope so, Dake!

Luthiers – please don’t wait for us to stumble onto your work – we want you to pass out cigars and let us know when you’re babies are done!

  1. esimms Says:

    I had posted about the Traphagen HG 10 days ago. No, the Traphagen isn’t mine. It would be great to hear a few words from the older regarding his experience with his new HG.


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