Fred’s Book is Here!

…and the fun and silliness keeps coming!

Several of us have had the same idea over the years…why not publish a “Children’s” (i.e: really “Adult’s”) book with all of Fred Carlson‘s woodcuts and poems done over the years for the Guild of American Luthiers Conventions.

Of course, first, we had to wait for the entire alphabet to be finished.

Once it was, the GAL staff got it done, and it’s a beautiful job.  A must-have for any fans of the inimitable Fred!

Available from GAL or HGM

Yes, as you can see, I’m am the proud owner of  a Fred original limited edition (only 4 of each woodcut created by hand).  And, man, did it cost me (at the 2006 GAL auction)  So now I aim to pay for it by selling millions of these books!

  1. Eric Hartshorn Says:

    Wood-cut, “Woodcat” or “Xylo-phoni-cat” ? Am I missing something in this photo ?

    Did Dr. Suess (sp?) also come from Santa Cruz ?

    Something in the water ? Mushrooms in the woods ?

    Anyhoo – Congrats Fred !

  2. Linda Morgan Says:

    Joe gave me a copy for Christmas. I love it! My family loved it, too.
    Thanks to all who made it happen. Especially Fred.

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