Stanford White’s Musical Instrument Treasures

My latest PDF article is something a little different (and not actually harp guitar-specific). I had vague recollections of Stanford White, but never knew he collected musical instruments. My interest was further piqued when I discovered random connections to other collections I’m familiar with, along with his various instruments that I also research. After a chance occurrence two years ago, I consequently started to explore this story in my off-off hours. Well, I’ve put it together as much as I could and had a lot of fun nerding out with it, so here you go. I’m sure this’ll be new to nearly all of you. Anyone who spots something they’ve seen in a current museum or collection, please let me know!

Stanford White’s Musical Instrument Treasures Low Resolution (fast loading, low res images)

Stanford White’s Musical Instrument Treasures High Resolution (slow loading, full resolution images)

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  1. randall sprinkle Says:

    Thanks Gregg

  2. Ed Says:

    Some people have all the fun. Keep it up.

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