Brad Hoyt's email to Steve Sedgwick regarding specifics for the AVC


Brad to Steve:


Here is a list of the tweaks and changes I made to the latest drawings you sent me:


  1. Final Bridge(s) Concept



Notes: I would like to have the lower two treble string coursed terminate a little lower if possible. I drew lines on the drawing to indicate the additional length of the bottom two courses. The upper three treble courses are fine. I realize the treble bridge would need to be slightly changed to compensate.


  1. Bridge End Cap Design




Note: I simply pointed the curvy Dyer like design you had to give more of an early Gibson look. J


  1. Finger Board 3rd Course Extension



Note: The end of the extension matches the top of the Sedgwick style main headstock


  1. Final Treble Bridge Bottom End design.



Note: The shape of the Bottom end of the Treble Bridge will correspond to the shape of  the bottom cut away.


  1. Final Bass Headstock design with duel connection to the main headstock.



Im not sure if you would have to move the spruce soundboard down slightly to make space for the string posts. I would not want any string posts on the spruce itself. 


  1. Lower Cutaway Extended 1cm.



I want the body design to be identical to the wider body design. The one exception: I would just like the bottom cutaway to extend out slightly further (1cm).


And some Comments:


  1. Overall I like the headstock design (4) combined with the wider body design.
  2. Id like to go with the Gold Steinberger tuners for the bass headstock and with the Gold guitar tuners for the main headstock.
  3. Im not sure if a brass connector is appropriate with the duel connected bass headstock. What do you think?
  4. I would prefer the original neck width and not the slightly narrower neck width.

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