"The Harp Guitar Gathering is an annual event celebrating the instrument known as the harp guitar, as well as its players, builders and history.  It is hoped that musicians, luthiers, scholars and fans alike will participate in and benefit from the synergy resulting from 'gathering' together for this purpose.

"The Harp Guitar Gathering strives to promote all things harp guitar, regardless of musical styles or international borders; we seek the broadest possible gathering of the kindred spirits who love this instrument in all its various forms. We further strive to promote the instrument to the widest possible public by expanding the general awareness of the instrument in media and by public performances in varying locations." - Stephen Bennett, the Harp Guitar Gathering Manifesto

The Harp Guitar Gathering is a registered trademark and is funded and organized through The Harp Guitar Foundation.

It takes place every year in a different part of the United States during the fall months, with participants coming from all over the country, Canada, Japan and Europe - in fact, from anywhere in the world!

Past Gatherings



Milford, CT



Mooresville, NC



Coeur d'Alene, ID



Hamden, CT



  Dallas, TX



Milford, CT



Indianapolis, IN






Portland, OR

The 15th Anniversary Harp Guitar Gathering

October 13-15, 2017

Fifteen times the music, instruments, friends and fun!

Hosted by The Museum of Making Music
with Master of Ceremonies Gregg (Sir Gregory) Miner
in Carlsbad, California


Last chance to enter our HGG15 Logo Contest!

The Harp Guitar Gathering is a weekend event, featuring two public concerts and a series of activities for registered participants. The concerts feature world class harp guitarists of many styles from around the globe, and are open to anyone, with individual tickets sold in advance and/or at the door. Registered Gathering participants may attend all the weekend's activities, including:
  • New Performer Showcases
  • Player Workshops
  • Luthier Panel and Presentations
  • Private Instrument Demos and Tryouts
  • Historical Presentations and/or Performances
  • Special Harp Guitar Presentations and Discussions
  • Opportunities for anyone who wishes to perform in front of others to do so in a casual or semi-formal setting
  • New and used instruments, CDs, DVDs, books and other harp guitar merchandise for sale
  • Visiting and Jamming with new and old friends throughout the weekend
  • Dinners, Socializing, Celebration of these wonderful instruments and each other! 

The concerts and all weekend activities are included for participants who pay a single registration fee.

Discount spouse and family registrations available, as are some individual weekend events.

Who should come?

Everyone! You do not need to play or own a harp guitar to fully enjoy yourself for the weekend.  Many instruments are available for sale, to try out, and borrow.  6-string guitar players and other musicians and lots of non-musicians come to listen, learn, socialize and explore our world.  

We hope you will join us as well!



Naples, FL

Salem, OR





Special thanks to our volunteer hosts throughout the years
Stephen Bennett John Doan Andy Wahlberg Mike Doolin Brad Hoyt

Stephen has given the harp guitar more visibility than perhaps any other touring performer in the last two decades.  He founded the Harp Guitar Gathering in 2003 and has hosted years 1, 2, 5, 7, 9, 11 & 14.

John is a music professor at Willamette University in Salem, OR. Renowned performer on the modern 20-string harp guitar, he hosted the 3rd Harp Guitar Gathering.

Host of the 4th Harp Guitar Gathering, Naples, Florida resident Andy has been a popular harp guitarist / entertainer since the late 1970s.

Mike is a professional jazz guitarist and bassist living in Portland, OR. A professional luthier as well, the highly-regarded harp guitar builder hosted the 6th Harp Guitar Gathering.

Host of the 8th Harp Guitar Gathering, Brad is a busy Indianapolis pianist who also moonlights as a harp guitarist, on an instrument of his own invention.
John Thomas Joe Morgan David & Anthony Powell Randall Sprinkle  

John Thomas, who co-hosted the 9th & 11th Gathering, is a law professor, blues guitarist, and in-demand speaker and author on a vast array of subjects, including legal, technical and musical.

An indispensable Gathering volunteer from the very beginning, Joe finally took over the reigns for our important 10th Anniversary in Texas.

The Powell brothers both play and build harp guitars and other stringed instruments. A part of our Gathering family since #3, they were our hosts for HGG12.

Randall Sprinkle runs a music concert series at his church as well as performing constantly with his wedding music trio Musically Yours. He stepped up to host HGG13 after previously twice attending.


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